Vol. 10 – Issue 6

20 Brush up on health While grooming your buddy, keep tabs on his well being by giving him this simple home check-up

26 Winter walking Consider his comfort and safety when taking him for a stroll in the snow

30 Barking mad Does your dog make too much noise? Instead of alienating your neighbors, learn to help him quiet down

41 Stocking stuffers Brighten up his holiday with these simple gift ideas

44 From gutter to glory How a stray cat found celebrity status

48 Toast the season with turmeric This favorite spice is good for your companion – here are two recipes to try!

58 Deck the halls You don’t have to give up holiday decorating if you have a dog or cat, but you may have to make some compromises

60 For sound sleep Does your dog have trouble getting comfy while resting? A therapeutic bed might be the answer

64 Holiday helpers If you’re going away this festive season, flower essences will ease her separation anxiety

71 A new vision Don’t panic if your dog loses his sight – with some adjustments, he can live a safe and happy life

76 Water works A home filtration system ensures his next drink (and yours!) is as clean and healthy as possible

86 Citrus sense Are these fruits and their oils safe for dogs and cats?

90 Hard to swallow? Once considered a death sentence, canine megaesophagus can be managed with alternative therapies

94 Aging gracefully Help your senior cat through her golden years with the healing effects of acupressure

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