Vol. 11 – Issue 1

Animal Wellness Magazine ~ Vol. 11 - Issue 1

20 More than his mouth Left untreated, poor dental health can affect his overall well being.

26 Top 7 dog parenting tips Training success means being a good pooch parent.

30 Animal friendly remodeling Doing some home renovations this spring? Make sure your companion stays safe and stress-free.

38 Chew this over! If your dog won’t let you brush his teeth, help him do it himself – with a toy or treat designed for dental health.

44 Tooth some tidbits These foods can help support strong teeth and gums.

51 Amazing Animals PHOTO Contest Winners! Check out our gallery of prize-winning shots.

58 Dental care 101 Follow these eight steps for clean teeth, strong gums and fresh breath.

60 Get off the couch! Spring is a great time for you and your dog to work off those extra pounds you put on over the winter.

66 Trail blazer Healthy nutrition for dogs and cats is one woman’s life mission.

67 For “menopausal” mutts Did you know hormonal deficiencies can affect spayed and neutered dogs? This natural HRT substitute is one answer.

70 Lights, camera, action! An experienced animal trainer for film and TV shares a few of his secrets.

74 Henry’s healing powers Meet a feline “tripod” therapist who has inspired thousands with his can-do attitude.

80 A simple solution Dental solutions and sprays are an easy way to fight plaque and tartar on a dog or cat’s teeth.

84 Champion for health Enhancing wellness with quality foods and unique supplements.

86 Hiring a dog walker? Remember to consider her well being and convenience along with your canine companion’s.

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