Vol. 11 – Issue 2

Animal Wellness Magazine ~ Vol. 11 - Issue 6

20 “What is he?” These new DNA tests can help determine your mixed breed’s genetic makeup

24 Top 8 canine fitness trends Check out these fun and popular ways to keep your dog in good condition

30 How’s his Qi? Is Spot stiff? Find out how Chinese herbs can get to the root of his arthritis pain

39 Raising the bar When it comes to combining convenience with top quality nutrition, this company really walks its talk

40 Factor in fitness! Regular exercise is one of the cornerstones of wellness for you and your dog

45 Look, no needles! Needle-free acupuncture is a contemporary take on a traditional healing modality

48 Without words Learning canine body language will raise understanding your dog to a whole new level

52 Well lettered Ever wonder what all those letters after your vet’s name stand for? Here’s a guide to some of the initials you’ll see in the integrative and holistic fields

62 Case of the bald Akitas Some paints can be harmful to your animals, so take the time to source non-toxic products

65 A healing legacy Thanks to this company, Dr. Bach’s flower remedies are as famous today as they were 70 years ago

66 Fuel for the fire Active dogs need an extra nutritional boost; try these foods and recipes to keep your busy canine going strong

74 Is Buster blue? Here’s how to raise his spirits (and yours!) on those wet spring days when you can’t go out

76 Acupressure for active dogs Keep your good sport pain-free by complementing his fitness program with this effective healing therapy

80 Rub a dub dub! Regular bathing does more than keep him clean; it also enhances his physical and emotional wellness

86 Greening up From organic foods to hemp collars, the pet industry offers a growing number of earth-friendly options to eco-conscious consumers

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