Vol. 11 – Issue 4

18 Is fido finicky? Most dogs are food fiends, but some can get picky. What should you do when he turns up his nose at dinner?

22 Balancing act Can you give your dog or cat too many vitamins? While it is possible to have too much of a good thing, the main culprit behind supplement toxicity is a lack of balance.

26 Step dogs Too many dogs end up at shelters because of changing family dynamics. When you meet someone new, follow these suggestions to help everyone adapt, human and canine.

30 The case for Kibble Today’s premium pet food manufacturers make dry diets that pack plenty of healthy nutrition.

34 Raw made easy Raw meat diets don’t have to be messy. Today’s frozen raw foods for dogs and cats are convenient, easy to feed, and offer complete quality nutrition.

44 Are you ready? Fires, floods and storms can strike at any time, often without warning. Wherever you live, a disaster preparedness plan that includes your companion animals is a must.

47 Caring with crystals One woman’s journey of self-healing led to a business that helps both people and animals.

48 Dinner’s ready! Can’t get home in time to give Fido or Fluffy his supper? An automatic feeder and fountain ensures he has access to fresh food and water when he needs it.

50 Off to the cottage It’s fun to share summer getaways with your dog, but cottage country can present some hazards to canines. Remember to consider his health and safety before you kick back and relax.

54 Shall we dance? From living rooms to nursing homes to auditoriums, musical canine freestyle is taking the world by storm.

64 Packing on the pounds Canine obesity is a big problem (no pun intended). Learn how to keep your dog slim and trim – without diet pills.

68 Born to be a star: Preston Casanova How the irresistible Pomeranian has won the hearts of legions of fans.

74 “Where’s the proof?” It’s what skeptics ask when questioning if holistic and integrative therapies really work. In actuality, a large body of evidence stands behind the benefits of an alternative approach.

80 Top 10 Healing Herbs Spice up her menu with these favorite culinary herbs. They add flavor and variety – and some terrific healing benefits too.

86 Dust in the Wind You probably won’t hear about valley fever on the nightly news, but depending where you live or travel it’s something you should know about.

88 Pest control Naturally Organic cedar oil is the winning ingredient in this company’s flea and tick products.

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