Vol. 11 – Issue 5

20 Don’t get zapped If you live in an urban area, be aware that stray voltage can pose a danger to you and your companion.

24 Going hairy? Shedding can be a year-round problem. You’ll probably never have a completely fur-free home, but these four solutions mean he’ll shed a lot less.

28 Size doesn’t Matter The best dogs for city living don’t have to be small. Temperament and exercise requirements are the top criteria.

32 Brain games For growing puppies and kittens, mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise. Explore six ways to help your young companion reach her full potential.

37 New breed of dog park Today’s facilities go out of their way to cater to the needs and enjoyment of both canine and human visitors.

47 Moving on Up It’s getting a little easier to find animal friendly apartments, but you still need to do some legwork to land the best possible place for you and your companion.

54 Safe in the city From heavy traffic to high rise balconies, urban life presents its own safety and health risks. These five suggestions can help protect your dog or cat from harm.

64 Follow that dog! Losing your companion can be one of the most unnerving experiences you’ll ever face. Equipping him with a microchip or GPS will help ensure he gets back to you safely.

68 Under the table There’s no reason you can’t share some table scraps with your companion. The key is to give her only healthy choices. Here’s what’s good for her – and what’s not.

74 Style to go Want him to travel in comfort and fashion? Check out the latest in carriers, crates and strollers for dogs and cats.

76 Focus on probiotics This father and son company takes pride in formulating all-natural nutritional supplements for digestive health.

78 Think you have a cover canine? Enter our Cover Dog Photo and Story Contest and you could win!

80 Trick or Treat! Halloween means costumes, candy and a busy doorbell. It might be fun for us, but it can be a scary experience for your animal. Here’s how to keep him safe and stress-free.

86 Cutting edge Your dog or cat has access to medical therapies and technologies that were unheard of not long ago. Here are four advances in veterinary care that have made the news in recent years.

88 Mercy’s legacy Helping dogs and cats live long, happy lives is the motivation behind this innovative dental product.

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