Vol. 11 – Issue 6

18 Aging gracefully Dogs and cats age gradually, so changes in health or behavior may not be obvious. Find out what to look for and how to help your senior adapt and stay comfortable.

22 Play it Safe They look fun, but not all those dog toys on store shelves are good for your canine. With the market flooded by cheap imports, check you’re getting a product that’s safe and non-toxic.

26 Strange tastes Does your dog try to eat rocks, cloth or plastic? This condition is called “pica” and can be caused by medical, behavioral or lifestyle issues.

30 Spice up his life! Flavor and nutrition – spices offer the best of both worlds. This holiday season, add some zest to your dog or cat’s diet with these healthy recipes.

34 Peace on earth The festive season can be a stressful time for you and your companion. These three meditations will help you both find inner serenity.

44 Making the switch Changing to a holistic or integrative vet? Here’s what to expect – and ask – during your animal’s first visit with his new doctor.

50 Solid foundation A strong background in holistic health care led this naturopathic doctor to start a company of her own.

58 Soothing Seizures Epilepsy and other seizure disorders can be frightening and their causes hard to nail down. Acupressure is a gentle and simple way to alleviate them.

62 look under the tree! Giving your dog a new toy this festive season? Ask Santa to bring him a safe and durable quality product that will stand up to lots of play and fun.

64 Feng Shui for fur babies This ancient Chinese art of placement isn’t just for people. It can also enhance your dog or cat’s health and happiness.

68 The Sky’s the limit How two Canadian women promote healthy canine nutrition, from coast to coast.

73 OMG, he’s naked! From the Chinese crested to the Sphynx, hairless breeds are gaining in popularity. But they have special needs and characteristics that furred animals don’t.

80 Is he antisocial? Helping a fearful or “unfriendly” dog involves more than training. It also means changing your own behavior and responses.

88 think you have a cover canine? Enter our Cover Dog Photo and Story Contest and you could win!

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