Vol. 12 – Issue 1

18 The future is now Regenerative stem cell therapy is relatively new on the scene, but it’s already being used to successfully treat arthritis and related conditions in dogs and cats. Continuing research shows it may be able to do even more.

22 Team effort Whether you opt for holistic or integrative care, it’s important to be informed and proactive and to work closely with your vet so you can make the best possible health choices for your dog or cat.

28 Best behavior You’ve heard of animal behaviorists, but what exactly are they and what do they do? Most importantly, how can they help your animal companion?

36 Diabetes in dogs This common disease strikes thousands of canines every year. An integrative approach can help them regain stability and well being.

39 Two-pronged approach Integrative medicine offers a harmonious combination of conventional and alternative therapies. It can be especially helpful when dealing with these five common health conditions in animals.

45 Longevity here and now You want your dog to live as long as possible. Here are two ways – one holistic and one conventional – that can help lengthen his life.

50 Quality counts How a chance encounter led to a successful raw food company for dogs and cats.

52 Colorful vibes We may take color for granted, but it can offer a variety of subtle healing benefits. Learn how to use it to help improve your companion’s well being.

56 10 tips for tough times These days, a lot of us are pinching pennies, yet we still want to pamper our animal friends. Here’s how to do it on a budget.

60 Fear or hypersensitivity? There’s a difference between the two. Flower essences can help with both, but for the best results you need to choose the right remedies.

64 Tweet if you love animals! From email groups to blogs, there are lots of ways to connect online with fellow dog and cat lovers.

71 Policy of caring Buying health insurance for your companion animal is a personal decision that requires research and forethought. Be sure to understand what you’re buying and to make sense of what your policy offers.

76 First date You’re getting on wonderfully well with your new partner…but what about his or her animal? Learn what to do when meeting your date’s furry friend for the first time.

78 Second chance After seeing all the dogs and cats left homeless after 9/11, one concerned woman founded an organization to promote the importance of planning for your animal’s care in case of your illness or death.

81 Committed to comfort Thanks to one entrepreneur’s elderly arthritic cat, these high quality memory foam pet beds are now helping animals nationwide.

86 Fighting the good fight A strong immune system is your animal’s best protection against illness. Along with a healthy lifestyle and diet, supplements like AHCC help attack the cells that cause cancer and other diseases.

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