Vol. 12 – Issue 2

18 Toxin talk It’s impossible to eliminate all toxins, but there are plenty of ways you can reduce his exposure and preserve his wellness.

22 “You’re getting sleepy” Hypnotism for dogs…is it a creative solution for anxiety, or a quack cure?

26 Turning over a new leaf Packed with nutrients, leafy green vegetables give his diet a colorful and healthy boost.

34 4 steps to animal-friendly landscaping Dogs, cats, people, flowers and lawns… all harmoniously flourishing in one back yard? With proper planning, an animalfriendly setting is not only possible, but attractive and enjoyable too.

40 Homeopathic first aid kit Every animal lover should have a first aid kit for emergencies. For a holistic touch, stock it with these healing remedies.

44 Special paradise Set in the spacious grasslands of Montana, Rolling Dog Ranch gives sanctuary to disabled animals.

50 Mosquitoes be gone! These pests aren’t just annoying — they can also make your dog or cat sick. Get a head start on the season by learning how to control them without harsh chemicals.

54 Is he ecofriendly? Many animal lovers are concerned about the impact their four-footed companions are having on the environment. If you’re one of them, check out the ever-widening choice of green pet products on the market.

56 Forget the steroids Does your dog have skin allergies? Before resorting to medications for the itching and irritation, give Chinese herbs a try.

60 Suds up! They look harmless and smell nice, but many commercial dog shampoos contain chemicals that can damage the skin and coat and cause health problems. Learn to recognize risky ingredients and choose natural, non-toxic alternatives.

64 Acupressure for adoption Bringing home a new dog can be stressful for him and your existing animals. Learn how acupressure can help keep the peace and make introductions easier.

71 Mushroom magic From the common button mushroom to more exotic varieties such as Shiitake and Reishi, these healthy morsels can add extra flavor and nutrition to your companion’s diet.

76 PHIL RAY Spreading the word of animal wellness.

78 An eye on cataracts This common ocular condition doesn’t have to mean blindness. Help your dog or cat see clearly all his life with these prevention tips.

80 “Green” shelters Visit some animal shelters that have embraced an eco-friendly philosophy to help them better care for their dogs and cats, as well as the earth.

83 Transforming Tanner Getting their aging Chow moving again inspired these entrepreneurs to offer an affordable electromagnetic therapy pad to other animals with joint and muscle problems.

84 Legg-Calves Perthes disease When this debilitating hard-to-treat condition struck my dog, I thought I’d lose him. But thanks to holistic treatment, Digger is now happy and healthy.

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