Vol. 12 – Issue 3

18 Canine lifesavers You know how important human blood donors are. The same applies in veterinary medicine. Here’s a look at donor dogs and how the process works.

22 Pamper your pooch Luxury hotels and resorts aren’t just for people anymore. Some are also opening their doors to companion animals. Find out which ones will welcome your dog, and what they can offer him.

26 Simply “dillicious” It’s the Top Herb of 2010. Flavorful and easy to use, dill adds extra pizzazz and nutrition to your companion’s diet.

32 Relaxing moves Try this five-step yoga session at home with your dog or cat, and notice how much better you feel afterwards!

40 Camping goes to the dogs Dog camps are a popular vacation trend for those who enjoy having fun and spending quality time outdoors with their canine companions. Here’s what to expect.

46 Groom like a pro Want to recreate that spiffy salon look at home? Follow these 8 tips for success.

50 12 tips for paralysis With the proper care, and lots of love and attention, many paralyzed animals can live long and happy lives.

54 Great American roadtrip Check out these unique travel accessories for animals, all designed to make the journey as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible.

58 Our Cover Canine winner! Meet Pancho, the winner of our Cover Dog Photo and Story Contest.

60 Healing waters Is your dog recovering from an injury or surgery, or in need of some extra exercise? A hydrotherapy program could hasten his return to fitness.

68 Ka-boom! Fireworks are fun for us, but they can terrify dogs and cats. Know how to calm and comfort your companion during this summer’s celebrations.

74 Freedom regained Canine carts and wheelchairs get disabled dogs moving again.

76 Rescuing Romania’s strays This Eastern European country has been through a lot of upheaval over the last two decades, and its homeless animals have suffered more than most. ROLDA brings hope to these needy dogs and cats.

79 Nuts about coconuts How a family tradition became a successful business sharing the benefits of coconut oil with people and animals around the world.

80 Heartworm… an integrative approach Some diseases require conventional medications to prevent and treat them, and heartworm is one. But natural therapies can reduce your dog’s risk of being infected.

84 No cocoa Mulch looks great in the garden. It’s attractive, protects your plants and makes life easier for you. But make sure you don’t buy cocoa mulch – it can be toxic to dogs.

89 The whole picture Looking for a comprehensive resource on healthy diets for dogs? This couple’s focus on education and quality products gives their company a truly holistic edge.

90 The “dish” on bowls You wouldn’t eat your meals off just anything, so why should your dog or cat? Learn how to choose the right food and water dishes for your companion.

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