Vol. 12 – Issue 4

20 Cool him off Heat stroke can strike your dog quickly, especially on humid summer days. Learn how acupressure can help stabilize him.

24 The best reward Does your dog have behavior problems? Find out why dominance training doesn’t work, and why a positive approach is so much better.

28 Natural eye care Your dog’s vision is important to his happiness and well being. Learn how to keep him seeing well using holistic and nutritional support.

36 Harnessed to safety Does your dog pull on the leash no matter what you do? Consider getting him a harness. It’s safer for him, and easier on your arm. Here’s what to look for.

42 Food from the sea From kelp to kombu, edible seaweeds are versatile “veggies” full of nutrition and flavor. They’re good for your animal companion too.

46 Win-win situation Offenders train shelter dogs for adoption thanks to successful prison programs that give both inmates and animals a second chance in life.

54 At your service If you or someone you know is disabled and wants a dog, how do you choose the right one?

58 Have a ball! What dog doesn’t love playing with balls? Find out how to choose the safest and most durable products for your canine companion.

66 David Levy Championing the benefits of quality all-natural pet foods.

70 Keep the beat Heart health is an important part of your dog or cat’s well being. Here’s what you need to know.

73 The best medicine These preventive solutions to common health problems use oligotherapy and homeopathy as their cornerstones for healing.

74 Riding to the rescue They look tough, but they have soft hearts when it comes to animals. Meet Rescue Ink, a group of bikers with a mission to save animals in danger.

78 Breathing easy Respiratory congestion has numerous causes, but whatever the reason, it can make your dog or cat very uncomfortable. Getting to the root of the problem is the first step to alleviating his symptoms.

80 A home for homeopathy Now in its second year, this Canadian college is dedicated to teaching animal homeopathy and getting vets and homeopaths working together for the well being of dogs and cats.

83 Taking pride When it comes to oral health for dogs and cats, this company puts its money where its mouth is.

84 8 ways to fitness Try these fun exercise ideas for a healthy, happy and well trained dog.

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