Vol. 12 – Issue 5

18 A case of Cushing’s How nutrition, herbs and acupuncture helped Tess regain her health and vitality after a diagnosis of Cushing’s disease.

22 10 tips for a long life You want your furry friend to be with you as long as possible. Incorporating these suggestions into his care will help ensure his health and longevity.

26 As the dust settles Since last January’s earthquake in Haiti, a coalition of animal organizations has been working tirelessly to give aid to the country’s dogs, cats and other animals, and to rebuild and improve its veterinary services.

30 Factoring in safety One good thing came out of the pet food recall three years ago – it urged manufacturers and regulatory bodies to pay more attention to the ingredients that go into products.

36 8 steps to healthy snacking What better way to love your dog than by giving him treats? The trick is choosing something that won’t pack on the pounds.

40 How are his chakras? If your dog seems stressed or out of sorts, perhaps his chakras are out of balance. Learn what this means and what you can do to help him.

42 What’s for dinner? Premium freeze dried and dehydrated pet foods offer the perfect combination of optimal nutrition and convenience.

52 Organic matters If you’re like a lot of people, you probably have some questions about organic pet food. What does the term actually mean, and how can you be sure the food you’re buying for your dog or cat is really organic?

56 The massage controversy In many states, animal massage can only be done under veterinary supervision. It’s a requirement that has caused more than a few conflicts, but things are starting to change.

59 Healing with superfoods Cranberries form the basis of these organic whole food supplements for dogs and cats.

70 It’s the law! Not long ago, many animals had little or no legal protection. But animal law has become a burgeoning field in recent years, with more and more professionals showing an interest in it.

74 Is your dog depressed? Here are 6 simple ways to keep him off the shrink’s couch.

76 “Who, me… disabled?” Visit a special rescue where physically challenged animals find a caring home — and teach people they can still love and enjoy life.

82 What’s the deal with grains? Should you feed them to your companion or not? It depends on the grain, and whether it’s whole or not.

85 For earth and animals Quality and sustainability come together at this unique eco-friendly pet supply company.

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