Vol. 12 – Issue 6

18 Top 5 seasonal safety tips Rich food and sparkly decorations are hallmarks of the festive season. They give us a lot of enjoyment, but can cause digestive havoc in your dog or cat.

22 Adopting online? The internet makes it easier than ever to find the right dog or cat for you. Just make sure the sites you visit operate with the best interests of the animals at heart.

26 Festive flare Want to try something different this holiday season? Try treating your companion (and yourself!) to some healthy dishes with a Portuguese flavor.

36 Something smells Artificial scents may make your house fresh and fragrant, but the chemicals that go into them can be toxic.

40 Green up for the holidays 5 earth-friendly gift ideas for your animal companion.

44 Zest for zeolites Your animal’s body is bombarded with harmful substances every day. These uniquely-structured minerals can help detoxify him and promote healing.

48 Sit, stay, smile! Need a gift idea for that hard-to-please friend or family member? A special portrait of their dog or cat might be just the ticket.

55 Changing tack How a puppy’s brush with parvo inspired these entrepreneurs to give up selling office supplies and start formulating nutraceuticals for animals.

56 Chillin’ with Chinese herbs Your dog is scared of loud noises, hates being left alone and is jumpier than a jack-in-the-box. Chinese herbs can calm him down by getting to the heart of canine anxiety.

64 Rover come home All too often, missing dogs and cats are never found again. But this organization uses a unique approach to help bring happy endings to lost animal cases.

74 Treat his tootsies Help your canine companion put his best foot forward this winter (and all year round) with a set of protective doggie boots or socks.

80 Ramp it up Is he having trouble jumping on the bed or getting into your vehicle? A pet ramp or set of steps can make life a lot easier for your senior or disabled companion.

84 Black dog syndrome The term is sometimes used to describe feelings of depression, but it can also refer to a very real phenomenon often seen at animal shelters.

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