Vol. 13 – Issue 1

18 Emergency! Would you know what to do if your dog collapsed or your cat stopped breathing? If not, you might want to consider taking a first aid or CPR class for companion animals.

22 Wrapped in love How one woman and her dog led to a unique organization that helps shelter dogs and cats stay warm, comfy and happy.

26 Address stress! Adaptogens are a unique group of herbs that can help him cope better and adapt to life’s stressors – both physically and emotionally.

34 Creaky joints? Osteoarthritis is the most common skeletal disorder affecting dogs and cats. Here’s a look at what’s new – and what’s tried and true – in treatment options.

41 The SRI piggy-bank Make your money speak for you by choosing socially responsible investments that factor in animal welfare, environmental accountability or humanitarian policies.

45 Making a difference How a drinks coaster became the starting point for an eco-friendly pet products business. 46 Look inside You know what arthritis is, but how and why does it actually occur, and what happens inside the affected joint? Here’s a close-up look at the pathology of this common disease.

58 Pain be gone Forget drugs or surgery. Prolotherapy is an effective and non-invasive way to alleviate chronic joint pain in your companion.

66 Short fuse? If your dog becomes aggressive, don’t assume it’s a behavioral problem or that he’s just being “bad”. It could mean he’s ill or in pain.

69 Driven by passion Concerned about the use of anesthesia during dental scalings, two animal-loving entrepreneurs were motivated to develop a safer simpler way to keep teeth clean and mouths healthy.

70 8 tasty toppers These recipes pack a punch of flavor and nutrition, and they’re simple to make and serve. Just use them as a sauce or garnish for her regular meals, and watch her enjoy!

74 Bridging the gap A growing number of pet stores are working with rescues to adopt out homeless animals rather than sell dogs and cats from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

80 7 steps to finding a lost animal Don’t push the panic button if Fido or Fluffy runs away or goes missing. Instead, follow these suggestions to help him get back safe and sound.

84 Redo for rehab Is your companion in need of home care and rehabilitation? Here are some safety and design tips to help ensure his comfort and recovery.

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