Vol. 13 – Issue 2

18 Spring into fitness Biking or jogging with your dog can be excellent exercise and lots of fun, but remember to keep his comfort and safety in mind.

22 Bug bites Some dogs are hypersensitive to insect stings and bites. Learning to recognize the signs of anaphylactic shock can be a life-saver.

26 Top 4 superfoods Want to help prevent cancer in your canine? Look no further than your fridge. Adding these phytochemical-rich foods to his diet will help reduce his risk.

29 Armed with antioxidants They’re crucial to good health, but some vets feel they interfere with conventional cancer treatments. Find out why, and how an integrative approach with antioxidants can actually extend life expectancy.

34 On the fly Flyball is an exciting canine sport that’s growing in popularity. Could your dog compete?

39 Healing connection The fields of animal behavior and energy work come together in this practitioner’s approach to helping dogs and cats.

40 Get growing Healthier eating and greener lifestyles, coupled with a soft economy and soaring food prices, are prompting a renewed interest in vegetable and fruit gardening. Follow these 10 steps to a nutritious Victory garden for you and your dog.

44 Bone up! Bone cancers are common in dogs. Holistic therapies, when used with conventional treatments, give these pooches a better chance at beating the disease.

46 Saving lives Check out an organization that aims to bring down the puppy mill industry, one rescue at a time.

50 “I’m here to see Sparky” From veterinarians to groomers to massage therapists, animal care professionals offer mobile services to cater to the needs of their four-footed clients and their families.

56 Get outside Regular outdoor time for fresh air, exercise and mental stimulation is vital to your dog’s happiness and well being.

68 He bit me! You may think your dog is too well behaved to bite someone, but there’s no guarantee it won’t ever happen. Here’s how to protect yourself, and your dog.

88 A passion for helping Helping people and animals is all in a day’s work for this supplement company.

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