Vol. 13 – Issue 3

18 Chinese herbs 101 You’ve heard about them, but how do they differ from “ordinary” herbs? Here we bust the myths while helping you understand how these unique formulations can help your animal companion.

22 Comfort from nature Animals experience grief just as we do. These flower essences can gently and safely ease the pain and lift their spirits (and yours).

26 6 steps to a greener “pawprint” We assume humans put more environmental stress on the planet than any other species, but our pampered pooches also play a part. Here are some simple ways to make your canine more eco-friendly.

30 5 ways to good energy Energy healing can have a profound effect on a dog’s well being. Check out some modalities that are growing in popularity.

34 Think thyroid Is your dog behaving strangely? Has he developed unusual symptoms and acting apathetic or aggressive? It could be hypothyroidism.

38 The water’s lovely! Have a pool? Why not invite your pooch to enjoy the water with you? Swimming is great fun and exercise for dogs, as long as you keep their safety in mind.

42 Eye of the needle Acupuncture can help treat a wide range of canine conditions, from osteoarthritis and epilepsy to incontinence and asthma.

48 Acupressure for Cushing’s This common malady can easily be mistaken for aging. Here’s how a simple but effective healing modality can help your dog feel better.

51 Crusade against cancer How the loss of a beloved dog inspired a successful fund to raise money for companion animal cancer research.

83 Deserving the best This holistic vet’s desire to enhance nutritional wellness for companion animals led her to create a unique line of vitamins for dogs and cats.

84 The scoop on poop Dogs produce millions of tons of waste each year. Hygienic environmentallyresponsible disposal is no longer an option. Here’s why, and how you can be part of the solution.

86 Tap into healing Meridian Tapping Techniques address the energetic imbalances caused by any emotional, mental or physical problem.

88 What does it mean? Regular blood and urine tests are vital to your dog’s well being. But what do all the numbers and notes on the lab results actually mean? Here’s how to make sense of the “squiggles”.

92 Chain reaction What started as a project to honor a friend has grown into an organization that is freeing chained dogs in Oregon and beyond.

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