Vol. 13 – Issue 4

18 For sensitive stomachs & skin A food sensitivity can manifest in several ways but the solution is simple – a better quality diet.

22 Scared of baths? Regular bathing is important, but what if he freaks out every time you try to get him in the tub? These techniques help make the experience more relaxing.

26 Nix allergies with NAET Suppressing symptoms with medication is just a band-aid solution. Allergy elimination techniques go right to the root of the issue.

30 5 facts your vet might not know Most traditional veterinarians aren’t taught much about alternative medicine, while others simply don’t believe in it. Here are some facts you probably won’t hear from a conventional practitioner.

34 The dogs of San Felipe Thanks to one man’s courageous and tireless efforts, life has become a lot better for the strays of this Mexican town.

37 Breath of fresh air How developing a solution for doggy breath grew into a company that offers a range of natural health products for animals.

46 We’ve come a long way, baby! Gone are the days when canine companions were just “pets”. Check out the top 10 improvements in canine healthcare and welfare that have made the world a better place for pooches.

50 Healthy dog = healthy coat A dog’s well being is reflected in his coat. By supporting his health with this simple acupressure session, you can help ensure he feels – and looks — his best.

52 Yeast infections – yikes! It’s the itch that keeps coming back. Get to the root of the problem, and eliminate it using herbal and dietary measures.

58 Legging it In the past, a serious leg injury often meant euthanasia for dogs. Now, thanks to therapeutic aids for damaged or missing limbs, a disabled dog can live a long and active life.

64 Weddings go to the dogs More and more brides and grooms are including canine companions in their marriage ceremonies. According to these couples, it makes for some wonderful and whimsical memories!

69 Mighty mites Ear mites are a common feline problem that can make your cat miserable. Check out these effective treatment options.

72 Camping with cats By following these eight rules, you can safely and comfortably take your kitty on your next outdoor getaway.

74 Is she overgrooming? Cats spend a lot of time cleaning themselves, but if they start showing bald patches, it could signal a behavioral problem called psychogenic alopecia.

79 Lighten the load Earth-friendly litters help ease the burden on landfills.

86 Top 8 stomach soothers You’ve adopted a new dog from a shelter or rescue, and quickly discover his digestive system is out of whack. Calm his tummy with these nutritious foods.

90 Lice…ugh! The lowly louse can cause your dog a lot of discomfort. A healthy lifestyle coupled with vigilance (and a fine-toothed comb!) can help keep him from becoming a host to these creepy critters.

92 Very posh The moisturizing and healing properties of olive oil formed the inspiration for a line of all-natural eco-friendly spa products for dogs.

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