Vol. 13 – Issue 5

18 Detection dogs From mold to bedbugs to human illness, these clever canines can sniff out or sense a wide variety of problems.

22 6 top superfruits Harness the power of healing fruits for an extra nutritional boost.

26 What’s he telling you? Before reacting negatively to “bad” behaviors in your dog, take a deep breath and look at what they might be telling you about his physical and emotional well being.

32 Harnessing a happy dog Successful, pain-free training involves a fresh approach – and the right tools.

36 Nutrition for working dogs From athletes to search and rescue dogs, working canines have nutritional and supplement needs that exceed those of the average family pooch.

39 A clear conscience When it comes to clean, healthy, humanely raised treats, this company really walks its talk.

42 Let them eat cake Birthday parties for dogs are becoming a popular trend. Choose from one of these mouth-watering healthy cake recipes for your pooch’s big day.

46 “That’s so irresponsible!” It’s easy to see red when people don’t pick up after their pooches or give them enough attention or care. Here’s how to deal with the other kind of animal lover.

52 Journey to a new life Establishing an “underground railway” helped this couple set up a rescue organization for needy dogs in a remote Canadian town with no road access.

55 What’s the score? How does your dog’s food rate in terms of good nutrition? Use this scoring system to help make the best dietary choices for your companion.

56 Dogs can get lupus? You’ve heard of this disease in people, but did you know canines can also get it? Discoid lupus is an immune-mediated condition that can afflict German shepherds, huskies and collies.

64 Humane pet food Concerned about the treatment and welfare of the animals that go into making pet food? Dogs and cats needs meat, but choosing quality foods made from humanely-raised meats can ease your mind.

69 EFA s for felines Essential fatty acids not only give your cat a sleek coat and healthy skin – at the right dosage, they can also help reduce inflammation and protect against cancer.

71 Top 5 herbs for cats These natural remedies can effectively treat a variety of common feline health problems, with minimal risk of side effects.

74 The cat who taught me chutzpah Remembering Eddie, a feline character with spunk to spare.

76 Raw feeding your cat It’s one of the healthiest choices you can make for your kitty, but here are two things you need to know before making the switch.

84 Know what to do? Stabilizing a sick or injured dog before heading to the vet can mean the difference between life and death. Here are six common health scenarios and what to do about them.

87 Magic for his skin A degree in organic chemistry and a Yorkie with serious skin problems led this entrepreneur to create a line of natural skin care products for animals.

88 Behavior problem – or mental illness? Is your dog acting out of character? It may be a simple behavioral issue, but here are two medical conditions that can cause your canine to become fearful, aggressive or destructive.

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