Vol. 13 – Issue 6

18 Pay it forward! Your furry friend gifts you with his devotion and companionship all year round. Why not make a resolution this New Year to pass on some of that love to animals in need?

22 How sweet it is Think outside the sugar jar when fixing holiday treats for your best friend.

28 Top 8 steps to happy holidays Wondering what to get your dog this festive season? Including him in the celebrations, while ensuring he doesn’t get stressed out, is one of the best gifts you can give him.

37 Puppy love Puppies are a lot of fun, but ensuring they grow into healthy, well-adjusted dogs requires a well-rounded approach. These six steps will get your new friend on the road to a long and happy life.

41 A healthy alternative This eco-friendly online pet store focuses on natural and organic products for dogs and cats.

42 Room and board Going away for the holidays? Check out these seven suggestions for choosing the best boarding kennel for your dog.

48 Tough love Meet Esoteric, a Boston-based rapper with a soft spot for dogs.

51 Because you love them Would your animals be cared for if something happened to you? This service helps ensure they will.

56 Pick a policy Buying health insurance for your dog is a smart move, but how do you decide which plan is best? Here are eight questions to ask before making a purchase.

60 Healing from the desert It’s still relatively new to North Americans, but camel’s milk is a highly nutritious food that’s showing promise as a healing therapy for dogs.

68 It’s cold outside! Does your cat spend time outdoors during the winter? Here are ten tips for keeping him safe when the weather is frightful.

70 Lend me your ears Cauliflower ear isn’t just a boxer’s affliction. It can also appear in cats, though for different reasons.

72 Something about Merry Sharing time and Reiki energy with a special shelter cat left a lasting impression on this animal communicator.

74 It’s playtime! Daily interactive play is a great way to help keep your feline fit, svelte and content.

80 Try Tui Na This powerful form of bodywork has its roots in ancient China. It’s a simple but effective way to alleviate a wide range of health issues.

86 A passion for pugs This unique rescue group keeps curly tails wagging, while aiming to change the way people look at animals.

89 Anxiety busters Stress and tension can be as much an issue for dogs as for humans. Forget the canine Prozac – here are some gentle and natural ways to calm your canine’s fears.

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