Vol. 14 – Issue 1

18 Take it to heart Cardiac disease can afflict dogs of all breeds and sizes. Find out what the signs are, and how these conditions can be diagnosed and treated using an integrative approach.

22 Ayurveda for dogs This ancient holistic healing system was developed in India and can be applied to companion animals as well as humans.

26 Animal ambassadors Many hotels and resorts accept four-legged guests, but what if your companion isn’t a good traveler? Fill the void left by his absence by checking into accommodations with their own friendly resident critters.

28 The latest on H1N1 The flu virus that swept the world in 2009, afflicting animals as well as humans, has the potential to combine with other bugs to form hybrids. Help protect your companion by protecting yourself.

32 Apps for animals Mobile applications are going to the dogs! Check out the growing number of products designed especially for pooch people.

34 Mouth matters Dental problems affect most dogs. A wholesome meaty diet along with energetic balancing are two effective ways to help treat and prevent periodontal disease.

40 Ready, set, smile! What actually happens during a veterinary dental cleaning? Knowing what the procedure involves can help relieve any anxiety you might feel for your dog.

43 A quest for comfort How improving her arthritic cat’s quality of life inspired this businesswoman to give up her banking career and start a pet bed company.

46 Snow safety Winter offers lots of opportunities for outdoor fun and exercise. Just remember to keep your dog’s well being (and your own) in mind, especially if you live in or are traveling to avalanche country.

50 Attack plaque! There are several main areas to consider when caring for the 48 adult teeth in your dog’s mouth – good nutrition and natural remedies, regular brushing and veterinary cleaning.

64 Let’s talk titers Want to avoid over-vaccinating your cat? These antibody tests are a viable alternative to annual booster shots.

66 Is she feeling foggy? Feline dementia is a very real issue in most senior cats. Here are 10 ways to help you and your kitty cope.

68 A place to call home Nestled amid 16 acres in North Carolina, this refuge for needy cats is an idyllic sanctuary.

70 Home health check list Cats are good at hiding pain or illness. Keeping an eye on your kitty’s well being can alert you to potential problems so you can get him to the vet before they become serious.

76 My furry Valentine Show your canine companion you care with these heartfelt gift ideas.

80 A catalyst for change For nearly 30 years, this organization has been rescuing dogs, cats and other critters from dire straits, while going the extra mile to end animal abuse and neglect.

83 He walks his talk Not too many busy entrepreneurs go out of their way to add philanthropic work to their already lengthy to-do lists. Here’s one who does.

86 Emmanuelle Vaugier – a passion for helping Improving the lives of animals in need is high on the list of priorities for this ambitious Canadian-born actress.

90 5 myths about anesthesia If you feel nervous about having your dog “put under” for veterinary procedures, you’re not alone. While there are risks involved, anesthesia is safer than you might think.

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