Vol. 14 – Issue 2

18 5 ways to ease pain Pain management doesn’t have to mean drugs. Here are some alternative therapies to help your dog feel better.

22 Partners in caring It’s important to build a strong working relationship with your veterinarian. Check out the top 4 tips on being a good client.

28 Let’s run! This unique organization teams runners with shelter dogs in a win-win combination that increases adoption and promotes fitness and well being.

32 Victoria Stillwell – the gentle touch Unlike a lot of TV trainers, the star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog doesn’t use heavy-handed methods to encourage good behavior in her canine guests.

34 6 myths about surgery Do you cringe at the thought of your companion going under the knife? De-bunking these common beliefs about surgery will help you feel more at ease.

38 Sign language You might think training deaf dogs is difficult. But canines are experts at reading body language, so hand signals are just as effective as verbal cues.

43 A proud legacy Founded by a doctor who was ahead of his time, this company has been making high quality pet foods for over 75 years.

48 Attention, please! Training your dog can be tough if he’s easily distracted and finds it hard to concentrate. Stimulating these acupressure points can help him focus and learn.

54 Follow your nose If you haven’t heard of nose work yet, you’re not alone. This new sport that combines training and fun with mental and physical stimulation is gaining in popularity.

57 Jerry Williams How this entrepreneur’s Akita inspired a passion for animal nutrition — and a company for holistic pet products.

61 Jumping and clawing and biting, oh my! Here’s how to discourage and redirect three of the most common behavioral issues seen in cats.

64 I love Lucy After learning stress was making my cat act out, I realized I had to make some lifestyle changes to accommodate her needs.

66 Feline-friendly gardening Learn how to create a safe, attractive and stimulating outdoor haven for your cat.

68 6 steps to litter freedom Is it truly possible to train your cat to use the toilet? Yes…as long as you use the right approach and have plenty of patience.

70 Dedication doubled The merger of two cat rescue groups results in a strong organization of professionals who work tirelessly to help homeless and feral cats.

78 Focus on fitness Helping people and their dogs get physically active was the inspiration behind this unique business.

80 Rx for arthritis Medications aren’t only way to manage joint pain. From chondroitin to yucca, these nutraceuticals can work on many levels to relieve discomfort and improve mobility.

86 All in a day’s work If you’ve ever wondered how service dogs do what they do, here’s a behind-thescenes look from a former assistance dog trainer.

92 Much ado about mulch Mulch looks great in the garden. Just skip the cocoa variety.

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