Vol. 14 – Issue 3

16 Let’s talk fencing Don’t have time to walk the dog? An enclosed backyard is the next best thing. Choose the right fence for your companion – and make sure it keeps him safe and contained.

18 5 myths about holistic care Want your companion treated holistically, but think it’s too hard to find a vet, or that it’s going to be too timeconsuming or costly? Think again. This article busts the most common myths about alternative veterinary care.

22 Call to action Actress Elaine Hendrix is one of the driving forces behind an animal welfare organization that truly puts its money where its mouth is.

26 Home alone Whether you’re away for a day or a week, make sure your dog is free of separation anxiety, and will be safe and comfortable in the house without you.

29 Meeting of minds How a chance encounter led to the development of a homeopathic that helps treat cancer and other chronic diseases in animals.

32 Joint effort A handy guide to the most common joint support nutrients and how they’ll help your dog.

36 Wet behind the ears Who can resist floppy dog ears? They’re soft, velvety and lovely to stroke. But they’re also prone to infection. Learn what to watch for and how to prevent and treat potential problems.

40 Top 5 summer getaways The sun’s shining, the water’s warm, and you and your dog want to make the most of the great outdoors. Check out our tips for making these favorite summer activities safe and fun.

48 Novel and nutritious Since the devastating pet food recalls of 2007, exotic proteins and other unique culinary ingredients have been finding their way into canine diets. Spice up your dog’s dinner with these tasty health-packed recipes.

53 Paws up! Finding a way to dress her rescue dog’s injured leg inspired this animal-loving entrepreneur to design a line of innovative bandage products for dogs and cats.

54 Considering hospice? It requires commitment in time and energy, but those who choose hospice care for their terminally ill animals find it a transforming and rewarding experience.

58 Dog at large What should you do when you find a lost or stray dog? Taking the right steps will ensure he ends up in the right hands.

68 Making friends Introducing a new cat to your feline household can rub everyone’s fur the wrong way. Acupressure helps ease the tension between your kitties.

70 Cool cats Stifling summer weather can be as hazardous to kitties as is to people and dogs. Learn how to protect your feline friend from dehydration and heat stroke.

72 Reflexology for cats This healing modality isn’t just for people. It can also do wonders for your feline companion.

74 Hitting the road? Most cats don’t like travel, but if you take the right approach, you can minimize the stress, ensure the trip goes smoothly – and maybe even get your kitty to enjoy it.

86 No more seizures When Leo’s life was taken over by epilepsy, and the veterinarian could do no more, I didn’t know where to turn. Then I discovered that a simple dietary change could restore his well being.

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