Vol. 14 – Issue 4

16 PTSD IN DOGS It’s a well known syndrome in people, but did you know our canine companions can also develop it? Retraining and holistic remedies can help them feel better.

20 A NEW LIFE OF LOVE Puppy mill rescue dogs know nothing of love or compassion, and are unsocialized and untrained. But they can be wonderful companions when given lots of TLC, patience and understanding.

24 FOR THE LOVE OF IT Veterinarians and other animal health professionals with World Vets donate their time and skills to help care for animals in developing countries.

26 ALLERGIES OR YEAST INFECTION? They’re related, but not the same. In order to effectively get to the root of your dog’s skin problem, you need to know the difference.

31 PROUD TO BE NATURAL Owned and run by a farming family, this pet food company goes the extra mile to ensure quality raw diets for dogs and cats.

32 PEACE IN THE PACK Friction and conflict can arise in multidog households. Acupressure helps calm canines and sets the stage for a harmonious environment.

40 FROM LOSS TO LEGACY How the passing of two beloved dogs to cancer sparked an organization that provides support and educational resources to those dealing with a similar diagnosis in their own companions.

44 TCM EXPLAINED You’ve heard about Traditional Chinese Medicine and its benefits, but what exactly is it, and how does it work? Here’s a comprehensive overview of this effective healing approach.

51 POTCAKES OF THE CARIBBEAN These unique island dogs are finding loving new homes throughout the US and Canada, thanks to a dedicated rescue network.

56 TOUCH IS ALL IT TAKES It’s not just an offbeat trend. Canine massage is gaining recognition as a beneficial healing modality.

65 COMPASSION AND CARE There’s a place in Ringoes, New Jersey where hope and love have no boundaries. When a cat is in need, superheroes and angels throw open the doors to help. Welcome to Tabby’s Place.

68 TLC FOR HIS LIVER Cats are famous for being finicky, but if they stop eating altogether, they can develop feline hepatic lipidosis. Here’s what’s you need to know about this serious condition.

70 BIG WHEEL Meet Nymbus, the bicycle-riding cat. Learn how I trained him to safely enjoy bike rides, and how you can do the same with your own kitty.

73 CRYSTAL CLEAR Cats seem especially sensitive to the subtle energies of crystal therapy. Here’s what these beautiful healing tools can do for your feline friend.

78 WHY’S HE GOING BALD? Some shedding is natural and normal, but if your dog’s skin starts to show where it never did before, he’s got a problem.

81 NUTRITION BY DESIGN Treating diet-related health problems in his patients prompted this veterinarian to develop a product that fills the nutritional gap generated by commercial pet foods.

82 HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT Veterinary care can be expensive, and many people struggle to pay the bills. If you ever find yourself in this position, consider one of many the charitable organizations that help animal lovers afford surgery or treatment.

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