Vol. 14 – Issue 5

18 Proteins and veggies and carbs, oh my! How much protein is too much? Should my dog be eating carbohydrates? Education and moderation are important keys to balancing your companion’s diet.

22 Brain waves Your dog’s mental well being is as important as his physical health. Stimulating his mind will help him learn faster, feel happier, and can even prevent behavioral problems.

26 Top 11 stressbusting foods Is anxiety making your dog antsy? This healthy and flavorful fare will help him chill.

31 Heart of gold A pioneer in natural pet food, the founder of this company overcame challenges that would crush many others, and triumphed.

32 Fighting over Fido When couples separate, deciding who gets the dog can often turn nasty. The law still regards animals as property, but there are ways to ensure a positive outcome for all parties – including the dog.

34 Mushrooms for immunity They’re more than just tasty treats. These morsels offer many important health benefits – they help enhance the immune system and inhibit cancer.

44 Know about nutrigenomics? It’s a new science that studies the connection between nutrition and genes – and how we can optimize health by designing diets for each individual’s genetic makeup.

48 And in this corner… Dealing with a dog that attacks other canines can be frightening and stressful. Follow these 5 principles to help avoid or defuse fights.

54 Doggy diabetes Is your pooch diabetic? Don’t panic. This common disease doesn’t have to be fatal, and in most cases can be easily and effectively treated.

59 Herbs for his plumbing Digestive and urinary problems are common in dogs. Take a look at how herbs can help resolve these issues.

65 Against the grain Feeding your cat a high quality diet with little or no grain content can help stave off inflammatory bowel disease and other health problems.

68 Taking care of Tina She seemed impossibly disabled when I first took her home over a decade ago, but this spunky stray showed a strong will to live. Here’s how I brought her back to health and have kept her going ever since.

70 Anna Easteden – cat lover An aspiring actress whose passion for kitties spans two continents and an entire lifetime.

72 Tummy trouble? Diarrhea is common in cats and has a variety of causes. In many cases, digestive enzymes and probiotics can help improve your kitty’s digestion and prevent upsets.

74 Food shopping for Fido The good news is there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to healthy premium foods. But that can make deciding where to begin more than a little bewildering. This handy shopping list will get you started.

76 She talks to the animals An animal communicator to the stars who also has her own TV and radio shows, “pet psychic” Sonya Fitzpatrick has been conversing with critters since she was five.

80 The enemy within Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia may sound like an obscure disease, but it’s more common than you might think.

84 Food and fun They’re his two favorite things. This innovative company combines them into mentally stimulating products that prevent boredom and enrich his environment.

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