Vol. 14 – Issue 6

18 CST FOR CANINES Cranial sacral therapy is a gentle hands-on form of energy healing. It’s very subtle and simple, yet it can have profound effects.

22 DOG-FRIENDLY TRANSPORT Shopping for a new vehicle? Don’t forget to factor in your best friend’s safety and comfort.

26 STOMACH SAVER Digestive issues are common during the holidays, when dogs sometimes eat things they shouldn’t. This simple acupressure session helps ease minor upsets and gets your pooch back in the festive spirit.

29 A PASSION FOR DOGS This innovative company not only sells healthcare products for pooches but also offers a spectrum of informative resources on all things canine.

30 A FRESH START Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for keeping your dog healthy and happy in 2013 and beyond.

34 CAN I TREAT THIS MYSELF? How to handle 5 common canine health problems – and determine whether it’s okay to treat them at home or see a veterinarian.

42 PROCEED TO CHECKOUT Online shopping is easy and convenient, especially during the holidays when stores are crowded and time is at a premium. For a safe and secure experience, keep these tips in mind when ordering gifts for the animal lovers on your list.

44 LEND HIM A HAND Dogs don’t just tolerate human touch – most thrive on it. In fact, the way we touch our dogs profoundly impacts the way they view and interact with the world.

50 MENDING BROKEN HEARTS Thanks to this truly angelic organization, therapy dogs are helping abused and neglected children open up to love, trust and compassion — and break the cycle of violence.

56 LOVE NEVER DIES How a lively little Pomeranian helped this actress through a frightening ordeal – and taught her an important lesson about life and love.

63 FOR FESTIVE FELINES These tasty recipes are nutritious and easy to make. What more could you (or your kitty) ask for?

65 STYLISH AND SECURE Ensuring a kitten’s safety while traveling inspired these designers to create an innovative line of award-winning carriers for animals.

66 FRAZZLED FELINE? The holidays might be exciting for us, but all the disruption can be upsetting for your cat. Here’s how to help her get through the season without stress.

68 LOVE LETTER FOR LEO One woman’s tribute to her special feline friend.

70 FLYING WITH FELINES Taking to the air this holiday season? If your cat is going too, these tips will help him stay safe and comfortable.

74 SAYING NO TO GMO Have you realized your dog’s health may be at risk from genetically modified ingredients? Here’s what you need to know.

76 BLOG ABOUT DOGS (AND CATS) They’re an increasingly popular way to inform and connect with fellow animal lovers online. Creating, maintaining and growing a successful blog takes dedication and hard work, but it’s also fun and rewarding.

82 OCEANS OF WELLNESS It’s not just seaweed. Kelp is packed with nutrients and is just as good for dogs as it is for us.

84 DON’T LICK MY FACE Does your dog like to give you and your guests tongue baths? An animal behavior consultant offers advice on why she does this, and how to deter her.

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