Vol. 15 – Issue 2

18 FOOD AS MEDICINE Chances are, you’re going to have at least one dog in your lifetime that develops cancer. Diet and supplements can play a key role in preventing and treating the disease.

22 CALM DOWN! You’re stressed out and your dog seems to be going out of his way to do the opposite of what you want. He may simply be using canine calming signals to help ease your anxiety.

26 VICTORIA STILWELL ON HOUSE TRAINING Adopting a puppy or untrained adult dog? This renowned trainer shares her advice on how to get him toilet trained.

28 HIGH-TECH HEALTHCARE Should he have a kidney transplant or heart surgery? How do you determine when high-end medical procedures are viable for your dog?

32 BRAIN FOOD Did you know your dog’s diet can have an influence on his behavior and intelligence?

38 PIT BULL PARADOX They’ve long had a reputation for being aggressive and violent, but when properly raised and socialized, these energetic dogs are affectionate and fun-loving clowns.

44 BUCKLE UP, SPARKY! Keeping your dog safe and happy during car trips involves proper restraint, along with a few comforts of home.

47 HIGH STANDARDS This family-owned company formulates innovative mobility products for animals that relieve pain and discomfort while healing on a cellular level.

48 IT’S MINE! Resource protection is a natural instinct, but can lead to bites and attacks. Acupressure is one way to evoke a sense of calm and trust in dogs who feel a need to guard food and toys.

52 DO YOU HAVE A “FIRE” DOG? It can be difficult to get an anxious or overexcited pooch to chill out. Here’s how a wellness approach based on Five Element Theory can help.

56 MENDING FENCES Mention invisible fencing, and a lot of dog lovers cringe. But it’s the way it’s used that’s most important. Combined with the correct training, it can be safe as well as effective for some dogs.

62 BODY TALK Your cat communicates as much with his body as his voice. Learning how to interpret the subtlest of signals will eliminate misunderstandings and strengthen your bond.

64 KEEPING THE PEACE When caring for a feral cat colony in your neighborhood, factor community relations into your action plan to avoid friction with those who don’t like wild felines.

66 12 STEPS TO A CLEAN KITTY Cats and proper litter box etiquette go hand in paw. It can be a beautiful relationship – if you put the cat’s needs first.

69 MAGNET FOR MISCHIEF Meet Tux, a black and white therapy cat with character and curiosity to spare.

71 SERIOUSLY NATURAL This company takes special pride in formulating safe, healthy supplements, remedies and topicals for dogs.

82 CHAKRA HEALING FOR FIDO These energy centers in your dog’s body help keep her life force energy fl owing, but can become imbalanced or blocked, resulting in health or behavioral issues.

86 TOP DOGS FOR LANDING A HOT DATE Come Valentine’s Day, romance is on a lot of people’s minds. Find out which breeds make you more attractive to a potential mate.

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