Vol. 15 – Issue 4

18 6 Steps to Treating Arthritis
It’s the leading cause of chronic pain in dogs. A multifaceted healing plan that draws on a range of therapies offers the most relief.

22 In The Fast Lane
High energy dogs need lots of physical activity, but injury is a risk. This acupressure session done after exercise helps prevent problems by keeping him strong and flexible.

26 Top 10 Foods for Skin and Coat
Keep your companion looking and feeling good with these power-packed whole foods.

30 Breathing Easy
How one firefighter’s harrowing experience prompted him to spearhead a community project to supply oxygen masks for dogs and cats.

32 Get Him Ripped!
Muscle health and fitness in canine athletes involves a multi-pronged approach encompassing everything from nutrition and exercise to massage and chiropractic.

38 Skeleton In The Closet
Osteoarthritis and osteosarcoma are two of the most common canine bone problems. Find out more about these painful conditions, and how they’re treated and prevented.

42 What’s New In Rehab?
Once practiced by a handful of vets and therapists, canine rehabilitation is now a recognized field in veterinary medicine – and offers a growing number of options to patients.

46 Introduction to Osteopathy
This manual healing therapy isn’t just about bones. It also works on muscles, organs and tissues to remove imbalances that interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself.

54 Caregiver Burnout
You love your dog, so when he gets sick or injured, you may be driven to spend every hour of the day making sure his needs are met. Just remember to look after yourself too.

57 Skincare From The Mayans
The bark from this Central American tree contains active ingredients to alleviate a range of canine skin problems.

64 Put Up Your Dukes!
Polydactyl cats are relatively common and becoming moreso, thanks to a dominant yet
harmless genetic mutation that many cat lovers find appealing.

66 Cataracts in Cats
Often associated with inflammation as well as advancing years, this condition can eventually cause blindness if left untreated.

68 Is Kitty Limping?
Arthritis is one of the more common causes of lameness in cats. Start by getting an accurate diagnosis, then implement an integrative treatment plan.

70 Faint Heart?
Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the number one heart disease in felines. Though currently incurable, a combination of conventional and alternative therapies may help treat it.

76 Top 5 Herbs for Arthritis
Properly used in conjunction with an overall holistic healthcare plan, these healing plants can have a powerful effect on your canine’s creaky joints.

80 All Wrapped Up
If your dog refuses to wear a bandage, don’t despair. The right product and materials ensure a comfortable dressing that’ll stay in place through the healing process.

83 A Real Treat
Formulated by a chef, these sweet potato dog treats feature locally grown ingredients, and are produced as sustainably as possible.

84 Reiki for Rover
This simple but powerful form of energy healing brings calm and well-being to your canine companion.

86 Tuned In!
Learn how to use a tuning fork to give your dog vibrational and sound healing.

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