Vol. 9 – Issue 6

24 How the humble raspberry can help fight cancer–and other illnesses – This favorite fruit has impressive health-enhancing properties

28 10 steps to great leadership with your dog – Start with a strong and positive foundation

40 Dinner is served! – A special holiday menu for your dog or cat

51 How Chinese element theory helps choose the right dog – Is he fire, water, wood or metal?

56 Gut feelings – How probiotics and prebiotics can improve digestive health

60 Choosing a litter box – From basic trays to the latest self cleaning machines

64 Aromatherapy for frazzled Fidos – Get through the holidays with these soothing scents

67 What seems to be the problem? – Psychology for dogs and cats

72 Top 10 tips for taking great animal photos – Three pros share their secrets!

76 Raw food recall no reason for panic – The health benefits far outweigh the risks

81 Treat tactics for the festive season – What to feed and what to avoid

90 Is kitty feeling liverish? – What you need to know about feline fatty liver disease

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