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Snowy here, reporting for We 3 Equines™ Canine Crew. I am a Lab/Sharpei girl that The Woman adopted from a local rescue last year. I also happen to be a senior dog.

You probably know that sometimes older dogs have joint issues, and they can be more prominent in certain breeds, or if your canine companion has suffered an injury. I am no exception. In fact, I have more issues than most as I was tied up with a heavy tow chain for the first 8 years of my life, suffered a broken elbow that was never treated, and have the beginnings of arthritis.

And we know there are a LOT of products on the market of joint supplements… so how are you supposed to choose?

In the course of our product hunts, The Woman came across a Natural Stride ad in the Equine Wellness Magazine. The Woman automatically gravitates towards anything “natural”, so of course she was interested, and contacted Natural Solutions for Life to learn more about the products. They asked if they could send both us dogs AND the horses of We 3 Equines™ some of their products to review.

Natural Solutions sent me the Natural Stride Hip & Joint Supplement (powder) for dogs, as well as the veterinarian strength dog chews. The Man was rather doubtful anything could help me, but The Woman was holding out hope. We live on a farm, after all, and since I don’t like to leave her side, this means I am constantly moving and covering a lot of distance most days.

Here is the video The Woman took of me prior to starting Natural Stride for Dogs Hip & Joint Supplement. http://youtu.be/2GDMBfXxIzo

You can see, even in this short distance, that even walking seems to be a big effort for me. And in truth, it is. The Woman can tell I have a hard time getting up and around, especially in cold months.

So we started with the powdered Hip & Joint Supplement, one scoop, two times a day, as I would be considered a “severe case”. I ate it with no problems. The kitten tried to eat it too. To be honest, I can not say if this will be good for picky dogs, as I do frequently enjoy the delicacy The Woman calls “poopy diapers”…

We continued this for 14 days, then went down to the one maintenance scoop a day. There was a good deal of improvement, which you can see from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OdE0xZBBHE&feature=youtu.be

Shortly after this video was taken, Rio (the other half of W3E™’s Canine Crew) and I had a collision while playing outside in the snow, and I got rather bruised up. The Woman bumped me back up to 2 scoops per day until signs of limping diminished and then we went back the the maintenance dosage of one scoop per day.

After we finished this powder form, The Woman started using the Hip & Joint Dog Chews as the “maintenance” dosage. One treat per day, easy peasy. She didn’t even have to time it with my food, and it was much easier for The Little Boys to help, as well. Much more transportable. And if you live at a high altitude like we do, there is no risk of exploding powder upon opening the Dog Chews.

They worked just as well, though as a senior dog with some teeth issues, I do wish they had either been a crunchy, cookie type treat OR a softer treat, as I did have some difficulty chewing them. Rio, who is quite picky, did get a few of these to see if they were “picky-eater friendly”, and he ate them without a second thought. This is the dog that licks hot dogs and any people food a hundred times before actually eating whatever morsel he has found….

At $34.95 for a 60-day supply (for a medium sized dog…if this was Rio with these issues, they would likely last less than half that time due to his size), it’s really quite affordable as well as very effective. Outside of the consistency of the treats (if your dog has no dental issues this may be a non-issue for you and your furry friend) the only issue The Woman personally had was the packaging on the powdered containers. She had to tape it back on a few times as it ripped upon opening, so that she made sure both her and The Man gave me the proper dosages (after the first time using this product, it would be more of a non-issue), so as a personal preference she would prefer the label to be a sticker OR printed directly on the container vs the plastic shrink type label. But if that’s the ONLY complaint she has, Natural Stride really hit the mark in our book! We are also going to be bringing you a review of the Natural Stride Equine products, so make sure to stay tuned!


This review was written by Nichelle Martin, also known as The Woman, of We 3 Equines™ with the help of Snowy, her 9 year old Lab/Sharpei Mix (f) rescue dog, for Equine Wellness Magazine.


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