This couple and their two dogs are on a mission to make rescues the breed of choice.

In 2011, my husband and I packed up our things – and our dogs’ things – and moved from Florida to California. In the midst of this big life change, I decided to start a blog to share our journey with others, particularly fellow dog parents. The blog became a platform to teach people how to safely move with canine companions. That’s how 2 Traveling Dogs was born!

As our readership grew, I couldn’t help but wonder why. Were people really interested in what my rescue dogs, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake, had to say on a daily basis? As it turns out, they were. Our Facebook fan base rapidly took off, and it became apparent to me that I had to use this platform as a way to do something good.

We started to share posts about shelter animals across the country who’d been given 24-hours or less to live.  As much as these types of posts were needed, I soon decided that animal rescue could be presented in a fun way. So, we continued the daily dog blogs written through the eyes of Brickle and Digby. Our fans loved to hear about their ongoing antics and misadventures. It became a fun way to support rescue.

While continuing to write, I lost my corporate job not once, but twice.  My husband was away on business for weeks or months at a time, and eventually we decided to make another change. We started manufacturing “cook for your dog” treat mixes, which have since been featured in BarkBox numerous times. Within a few months, our home was literally packed floor to ceiling with dog treats. But we still felt like something was missing.

We put our home up for sale yet again. It sold around the same time our Facebook page reached a million fans. We saw a window of opportunity. We could either buy another home and continue to grow our treat business, or we could live up to our name, 2 Traveling Dogs.  Finally, we decided to buy an RV, put our business on hold, and give back for a year without any sponsors. Our goal was to travel to all 48 contiguous states with our rescue dogs and visit a rescue or shelter in each state to say thank you and promote their work.

On May 2, 2016, we set out on our journey. At each shelter we visited, we filmed a fun episode of “Stop Hounding Me”, showcased their animals, and posted in-depth articles to get fans involved by either donating or volunteering. Often, the rescues or shelters were surprised that we had picked them because they were so humble. All of them were unbelievably deserving, but they rarely received thanks, mention or acknowledgment. This is something we’re still working to change!

We completed our mission at the end of 2017 — but our work is far from done! We’re continuing to use social media and our blog as a way to present animal rescue in a fun and personal way, and remind people that every life matters. Someone cared enough to save our dogs and, by doing so, they ultimately saved many more in the process. Compassion creates a ripple effect – and we’re so proud to be a part of it!

Thank you, to all of the animal rescues and supportive individuals across the country. Together, we can make rescue the breed of choice!

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Rachael Johnson is owner of 2 Traveling Dogs, or just Girl Person as known to fans. Her dogs Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake were made Facebook famous by their daily dog blog and travels across the United States advocating animal rescue in a fun way. Rachael has been featured on Daytime NBC regularly as a chef for dogs and encourages dog parents to get healthy with their dogs by hiking, positive diet changes and travel. As advocates for animal adoption, Rachael and her husband Nathan dedicate their social media platforms to end animal homelessness while letting their rescue dogs Brickle and Digby do all the talking on their dog blog,