Animal Wellness Product Picks of the Month!
Our experts review top products available for dogs and cats so you can choose a brand you can trust.


Organic Prebiotic Dog Treats

Introducing the world’s first USDA-certified organic prebiotic dog treats with functional benefits by Joulie Organics. All ingredients are certified organic & human-grade, plant-based, and gluten-free! Available in 3 delicious flavors that dogs love — Strawberry & Beet for antioxidant support, Turmeric & Cinnamon for hip + joint wellness and Wheatgrass & Coconut for added minerals and healthier skin + coat.

What we love:
Comes in three different flavors and is certified organic.

Going raw?

Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Treats

If you’re switching your dog or cat to a raw diet, Northwest Naturals has everything you need. Their high quality frozen raw diets are complete and balanced, and come in a variety of forms, from chubs, dinner bars and nuggets for dogs, to nibbles for cats. They also offer freeze-dried raw diets, as well as meaty bones for dogs.

What we love:
Includes fresh, locally-sourced fruits and veggies.

Sweet dreams!

Tall Tails Dream Chaser Bolster Bed

Buying your best friend a new bed? The Dream Chaser Bolster Bed from Tall Tails turns ordinary sleeping spaces into “dreamy” places, especially when paired with one of the company’s blankets. It’s also machine washable and dryable, as well as reversible, allowing you to change bedding surfaces with the seasons or your dog’s preferences.

What we love:
Allows your dog to nest, burrow and snuggle to his heart’s content!

Sustainable pet food packaging

Petcurean Go Pet Food

Looking for pet food with eco-conscious packaging? Petcurean is re-launching its GO! SOLUTIONS™ wet food collection — with 14 new recipes for dogs and cats — in Tetra Pak® cartons. Made from Forest Stewardship Council® certified paperboard and 67% renewable materials, these cartons are sustainable, recyclable and BPA-free.

What we love:
Foods are formulated to support animals with dietary needs like food sensitivities and itchy skin.

A gift beyond price

Walks N Wags Therapeutic Wraps

Here’s a gift idea that could save a beloved animal’s life — certification in Pet First Aid with Walks ‘N’ Wags. Pioneers in animal first aid since 1993, they offer in-person courses across Canada, as well as in Seattle and Colorado — or you can earn your certification online. Either way, you’ll receive fun, hands-on training.

What we love:
Course is applicable to both dog and cat guardians.

Dedicated to transparency

Pureluxe Pet Food

Do you really know what’s in your dog or cat’s food? With Pureluxe, you will. This premium pet food company sets a high transparency standard by giving you access to key nutritional information relevant to your animal’s health. This info is simplified and provided through their online transparency reports.

What we love:
Food features a special blend of micro-nutrients for energy, immune support, healthy skin and coat.

Healthy fats — in the right ratio

BioLogic Vet BioFats Supplement

Omega oils are essential to his health. BioFATS from BiologicVET features a precise ratio of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids that promote healthy skin, coat, joints and overall well-being. It also supports the pancreas with pancrelipase, a combination of three enzymes that helps your animal digest and absorb nutrients from his food.

What we love:
GMO-free and made from fresh molecularly distilled fish oil.

Wrap him in calmness

Healers Pet Care Therapeutic Wrap

If New Year’s Eve fireworks put your dog in a panic, a Therapeutic & Anxiety Body Wrap from Healers Pet Care will help soothe him. These wraps are also ideal for post-surgical care protection and can be used for dogs that are incontinent or in heat. They come in six sizes, from XXS to XL.

What we love:
Breathable mesh material and Velcro fastenings make it comfy and easy to put on.

Dental care made easy

Lebalab Dental Spray

Does your dog or cat refuse to let you brush his teeth? Leba III from LebaLab Inc. is a no brush solution that balances the chemistry of your animal’s mouth, keeping his teeth clean and healthy. Just spray it into his mouth, where it will mix with the saliva and get to work on the plaque and tartar that lead to dental disease.

What we love:
The active ingredients are natural herbs from the mint and rose families.