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Our experts review the top Animal Wellness products so you can choose a brand we trust.

DentaDish — this slow feeder helps keep your dog’s teeth clean

Good dental health is essential for your dog’s overall health and well-being. Some degree of dental disease affects eight out of ten dogs before they’re even three years old, causing bad breath, tartar, gingivitis, and discomfort while eating. Left untreated, full-blown periodontal disease can result, and the infections and abscesses it causes can be very …


Infinite Hip and Joint Supplement

Nearly nine-in-ten dogs develops a painful and crippling condition called osteoarthritis in at least one of their joints in their lifetime. Infinite Pet Supplements can help your best friend battle this painful condition using a powerful combination of all natural ingredients, including Organic Turmeric. Click here for more information and use Promo Code “MyPupRox” For …

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Dog Breath Dental Treats by Herbsmith

It’s not much fun cuddling with your dog if he has bad breath, but fixing the problem just got a lot easier. Herbsmith’s new Dog Breath Dental Treats are made with spearmint, parsley, and sea algae to promote healthy teeth and fresh, minty breath. These tasty and convenient treats help do away with the brushing, …

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Essiac® for Pets

Strong immunity is a foundation of health. ESSIAC® for Pets is an immune system support for cats and dogs. Made from Nurse Rene Caisse’s original herbal formula, it contains four herbs: burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark and Indian rhubarb root. It helps naturally and gently cleanse and detoxify your animal’s immune system through …


Serenin Vet by Animal Necessity

Help cope with anxiety and stress…Naturally! Serenin Vet is a unique blend of 11 natural and complementary ingredients that have been formulated to decrease and control anxiety as well as maintain normal brain function, appetite and healthy sleep. Key ingredients in Serenin Vet include herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years to …


E-Training for Dogs

Expand your knowledge of dogs with quality, up-to-date, online learning opportunities. E-training For Dogs has been offering webinars in animal care and behavior since 2005, with courses in nutrition, fitness, tissue mineral analysis and more.


Beams™ by The Honest Kitchen

Have your dogs tried Beams™? Beams are one of The Honest Kitchen’s best-selling treats! Made with just one ingredient – Icelandic Catfish skins. Beams are savory, chewy sticks and are an excellent source of lean protein, as well as Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. They are grain-free and contain no fillers or artificial additives. Read …


Optional Hands Free Leash by Smoochy Poochy

Out for a stroll… Smoochy Poochy’s optional hands free leash, available in colorful nylon webbing or ‘alternative to leather’ material. Smoochy’s utility leash fits into your lifestyle: shopping, carrying, texting, visiting, running, walking, training… Can be used as a regular lead or simply clip around your waist or across your shoulders offering the ‘hands-free’ feature. …