About Us

For 20 years, Animal Wellness Magazine has stood for providing the absolute best educational content to help your beautiful dog and cat live the most naturally long, healthy and happy life possible.

Our approach is simple. We provide you with sensible integrative options to common issues in an intelligent format so that pet parents can make their own decisions. Never will we force a one-sided opinion or apply guilt as a tactic to motivate a specific health or lifestyle option. We understand that not all solutions are right for everyone or every animal so we keep an open mind to finding the best path for each situation and trust that you will make the best decisions for your family.

Helping Rescues is in our DNA

Right from the start back in 1999, when we launched, the idea of supporting rescues and shelters and helping animals in need was woven right into the fabric of our company. In fact, we operate more like a non-profit organization and over the years we have helped thousands of rescues and millions of animals improve their lives. Today we now have a division of the company called the “Rescue Network“ which is focused solely on working with rescues and shelters. This dedicated team works every day with animal groups globally to provide beneficial information and fundraising opportunities ensuring that adopted animals can remain in their forever home.

Support a Cause to help animals …Naturally!

As we move forward Animal Wellness is more than a magazine…we are a movement comprised of people of like mind spread across the globe. Everything we do is directed to helping our beautiful fur babies and empowering you to do the best you can in helping them live well. Our goal is to provide solutions to your concerns and deliver only the absolute best information on every platform. And every time you support us by purchasing a single copy, subscribing or even advertising you can feel good knowing that you were part of the journey to help animals.