5 creative ways to exercise your dog without going on a walk

Bored of walking your dog multiple times a day? While regular strolls are a vital component of good health, it can be fun to mix it up. Try adding these creative activities into your routine!

Typically, dog owners will stretch their companion’s legs by taking a daily walk – or ten. But that’s not always possible, not to mention it can get boring after a while! When you find you’ve lost motivation to get outside with your pup for another walk, try one of these alternatives instead. You’ll both enjoy the change of pace, and your dog will be grateful for a new way to experience life with you.

1. Use your stairwell

Do you have a set of stairs in your home? Use this as a way to exercise your dog, especially if he loves to fetch! Stand at the top of the stairs with his favorite toy and toss it down to the next floor. Encourage him to run and retrieve it, and then praise him when he brings it back. The steps will increase his level of cardio, which may give him even more of a workout than his usual walk. Plus, it’ll tire him out quickly!

2. Blow some bubbles

There are endless videos online of dogs chasing bubbles – and no wonder! Not only is this activity adorable to watch, it’s also the perfect way to challenge your dog’s mind, since they’re there one second and gone the next. Find some dog-safe bubbles (look for natural varieties) online or in a nearby store in case the liquid gets in his mouth. Blow the bubbles up high and let your dog jump for them!

3. Go to the playground

If you have kids and a dog, you probably have days when you feel like you can’t keep up. On these days, it’s time to go to the playground! While your kids play, you can saunter around the park with your dog and let him sniff. Bring a longline to give him more space to explore, so you can take it easy – and keep one eye on your kids – while he discovers all the new smells.

4. Play hide-and-seek

Again, this is a good activity to try with kids. Hold onto your dog while you count to ten, and let your kids run and hide somewhere in the house. Have them call your dog’s name once, and let him go seek! They’ll love listening to Fido as he tries to find them, and getting overwhelmed with slobbery kisses once he discovers their hiding spot. It’s a game that can go on and on, especially once they both get the hang of it. Don’t have kids? Play with your partner or a friend!

5. Set up an indoor agility course

Even if you don’t plan on enrolling your dog in a competition, an agility course is still a great way to exercise your dog’s body and mind. Use blankets, laundry baskets and other household objects to create obstacles for your dog to jump over or swerve between. It’s quick fun that’ll leave him breathless in no time!

Giving your dog the exercise he needs without grabbing the leash is easier than you think. All it takes is a little creativity! Have fun trying out these fun ideas.