Apps for animals

Mobile apps are going to the dogs! Check out some of the growing number of products designed especially for pooch people.

Long gone are the days when cell phones were just for making calls. Nowadays, we use cell phones and other mobile devices to manage every facet of our lives, and to keep us in contact with the outside world via email, text messaging and social networking. Given the proliferation of apps for everything under the sun, we can use our phones for just about anything you can think of – including managing the lives of our canine companions.

Now, with the touch of a button, you can keep track of your dog’s health and veterinary visits, get training information, find up-to-date information on which hotels accept dogs, and much more. Here’s a look at what’s currently available, and what these apps can offer. Just keep in mind that no app, no matter how versatile, can substitute for proper veterinary care.

My Dog, Dog Info USA, LLC – free

This app allows you to micromanage your dog’s life by creating a personalized profile that can be emailed to your veterinarian, trainer, daycare or boarding facility, or even a shelter if your dog should become lost You can also keep track of dosage and administration instructions for medications, and upload your dog’s photo with a brief description and list of his characteristics, along with emergency contact numbers.
The app has a services and business directory with over 30,000 listings for dog parks, veterinarians, trainers, daycare and boarding facilities and rescue organizations. The travel guide gives you instant access to a directory of animal-friendly hotels and airlines and their regulations. Each listing is formatted in Apple-standard address book format, which allows you to call or email with the touch of a button. Also included are links to the companies’ websites, business information and maps.

Puppy & Dog Trainer, Jude Novak — $3.99

If you’ve rescued or adopted a puppy or young dog but can’t afford or find the time for training classes, this app helps you learn everything you need to know about housebreaking, socializing and leash training. It walks you through the teaching of basic commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “lie down”. The app also teaches you how to help stop unwanted behaviors such as chewing on furniture, jumping on people, excessive barking and begging at the dinner table.

Good Dog Training Clicker, – free

This app can be used either as a standalone training tool or in conjunction with the Puppy & Dog Trainer app. It helps you reinforce good behavior by allowing you to use your iPhone as a clicker.

Pocket Trainer, — $1.99

Does your dog obsessively chase his tail? Does your puppy bite when he plays with you? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this app. It helps you establish a healthy bond with your canine companion through the use of instructional training videos, tips on caring for a new dog, recipes and breed information.

Doggies Welcome, Ombros Brands, Inc. — $1.99

This app gives you access to a directory filled with thousands of listings for dog-friendly restaurants and hotels. You’ll also find listings for dog parks, doggy daycares and groomers throughout the US and Canada, along with photos, information on fees, ratings and reviews.

Dog First Aid ($1.99) and Dog Symptoms ($2.99), PetMD, LLC

Dog First Aid offers advice for common canine emergencies, while Dog Symptoms help you pinpoint why your dog is behaving the way he is, or showing certain symptoms. This app gives you the choice of either searching specific categories, such as “Behavioral” or “Digestive,” or typing in questions like “What are roundworms?” and “Why does my dog itch so much?” Each article gives complete information on symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. These apps are not meant to replace veterinary care.–Adopt Pets, Phunware Inc. – free is a huge online directory of more than 290,000 adoptable animals at over 13,000 shelters and rescue organizations. Now you can download this popular website to your phone and search on the go for your next furry friend. You can search by breed, age, gender and size, and share your favorite picks via Twitter, Facebook and email. The app also provides information about each animal, including a detailed description and photo. Once you have made your choice, you can get directions to the shelter along with its phone number and email address.

Dog Names, Code4Dev, LLC — $0.99

Naming a new dog can be a big decision. Do you give him/her a human name, or a cutesy handle like Fluffy or Sparky? To help with your dilemma, this app provides over 2,000 unique animal names. When you find names that tickle your fancy, you can save them and share them with your friends.

Given the fast-paced digital world we live in, it’s not surprising that technology and dog guardianship would converge in this way. These apps and others can help streamline your companion’s care by keeping you informed, connected and organized.