Wild about aromatherapy? Take a look at some popular essential oils and the benefits they offer dogs!

Have you hopped on the aromatherapy train yet? If not, pick up a few of these pet-friendly essential oils to get you started.


This citrus oil is an excellent oil for depression and winter blues, a good pick-me up for both dogs and people – environmental diffusing in the morning will help to boost your spirits for that early morning walk.


Chamomile is very soothing and relaxing to the emotions and to the skin. For calming yourself and your dogs in the evenings, try combining it with lavender for environmental diffusing. Go easy on the chamomile, however; its aroma is powerful, so try a ratio of 1:6 (one drop of chamomile to six drops of lavender).


Rosemary is very uplifting and fresh. Nice when used in a combination with Lavender as an environmental spray to freshen bedding and carpets.


This earthy essential oil is excellent for minor itchy dry skin conditions especially when used with Chamomile and Lavender. Combine 2 drops of Chamomile, 6 drops of Lavender and 6 drops of patchouli in a base of 30ml or 1 oz of light vegetable oil. Apply small amounts in small circular motions to affected area.


Rosewood is an excellent immune system stimulant, environmental diffusing is the most effect way to incorporate it into your dogs life.


This oil is very powerful aromatically, it helps to repel insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, horse an deer flies. Best to be used in small amounts. A combination of Geranium, Tea Tree and Citronella essential oils which are also know for insect repellent can made into a spray. This combination could be useful during the summer months. Try blending together 30 drops of Geranium with 30 drops of Tea Tree and 15 drops of citronella with 120 ml of water and 5 ml of vodka, keep spray bottle and shake well before using. Use several times a day if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors or woodland areas. Avoid the face and eyes, spray on your on hands first and then apply behind the ears and around neck. Spray the underbelly, back and tail liberally. However, if irritation occurs discontinue use.

All of these oils listed here blend very nicely together to help control pests, ward off airborne viruses and control bacteria and keep dogs and their homes fresh smelling.