Balance your pet’s energy to control allergies & infections. Ask A Vet! #13


Internationally known homeopathic veterinarian, Dr. Christina Chambreau, is a lecturer and author of the Healthy Animal’s Journal. She is also the editor of the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal. Ask her a question by leaving a comment on the Animal Wellness Magazine Facebook page. She’ll choose two questions to answer every week!

Q. My dog has been checked by the vet on this issue and has no real solution for it. My dog is constantly itching his mouth inside and out. Any tips? His eyes are itchy and watery once in a while, too. He’s on Simply Nourish. His food hasn’t been changed in about 8 months. But he had this problem before we changed his food. He’s probably been doing this for over a year. We haven’t changed treats either.

A. When we cannot find a cause (diet or environmental allergy, virus, etc) the conventional veterinarian cannot often cure a problem. Often, a good veterinarian is unwilling to merely give antihistamines or the more dangerous steroids to stop itching anywhere on the body. Once you realize there is an underlying vibrational imbalance (Qi, Quantum field, bioforce field, source field) that causes most problems (not specific allergens) you realize that you many never find the external source of his itching face and tears from the eyes. Using the many different holistic approaches to resolve that energy imbalance allows your individual dog to self heal and no longer be itchy.

Something to help you be patient as you try different healing approaches is this perspective. Itching the skin and inside the mouth is actually a good thing. No dog dies from skin problems. If the vibrational field is healthy enough to produce skin symptoms instead of more serious illnesses (diabetes, Cushing’s, etc) this is good.

There are several ways to begin treating your dog. One is to begin feeding a raw meat and pureed vegetable diet (commercial frozen or best yet from ingredients at the level you eat – hopefully from local organic farms). Or you could begin with working with an integrative veterinarian who could better analyze the energy field imbalance. Check out the AHVMA website for info on how to find an integrative veterinarian.

Q. I have done steroids, allergy shots, antibiotics (both pills & ointments), ear wash… nothing keeps my dogs ear infections away. I heard you can pour pee in them to alleviate symptoms? Weird, but does it work?

A. Yes, I have heard of using urine to heal. It has actually been successfully used from the dawn of man. It is sterile (unless there is a bladder infection) and has been especially useful for fungal infections. I have never needed to resort to urine to heal ears in my homeopathic practice, so if the urine does not work, I would suggest working with an integrative veterinarian, since, as mentioned in answers to other questions, the goal of healing the ears is to rebalance the entire energy field of your dog.

It sound like you have already tried many of the temporarily helpful treatments like sweet almond oil, Rescue Remedy, Olive oil, coconut oil, neem oil, garlic and mullien, SSSting Stop, Vitamin C, Fish Oils, and feeding a raw meat and pureed vegetable diet to build up his health. If not, you can either start with an integrative veterinarian or try some of the above along with the other 7 Keys to Health.

Many people do not realize that using collars can cause a lot of itchy feet and faces, so one first step is to be sure you are walking your dog with a harness where the leash attaches at the chest. Dr. Peter Dobias has written a lot on his discovery that not only do collars cause twisted neck problems (sometimes chiropractic will resolve ear problems), they also cause low thyroid and itchiness in many dogs in his practice.

I often find that daily Reiki offered to dogs with ear problems resolves them after several months. TTouch moves can decrease itchiness, as can acupressure, and the books (U tube videos, articles) on these can certainly give you a few tips. One TTouch technique is to use ace bandages to “swaddle” the dog, so the itching stops (google: how to put on an anxiety wrap). Because of the eye discharge and itchiness, I would suggest you take some classes in TTouch, Reiki, acupressure, healing touch for animals as then you will be more effective than merely reading books or watching Utube.

As for Rescue Remedy, flower essences from all the companies (Bach, Spirit Essences, Green Hope Essences, Anaflora and more) are totally safe, so you could begin with Rescue Remedy, then order some skin, allergy or itchy essence combinations from one of those companies. This would be a temporary help, maybe until the fresh food balances the energy flow.



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