fulhum water

Gone are the days of giving your pets crystal clear water. Hello, black water!

There is a new trendy organic beverage that is making news globally as one of the healthiest drinks you can give your lovable dogs, cats and other animals, and its black in color. FulHum is the name of this drink, and being made from 100% natural minerals and purified water with zero chemicals, its no wonder celebrities such as animal-lover Pamela Anderson are big fans!

Animal Wellness Magazine got to exclusively sit down in Dallas, Texas with the drink’s creator/founder CJ Comu to find out all the details and how his drink is helping pets live a longer, healthier and more refreshing life…

AW: Your product FulHum aka EarthWater is one of the healthiest beverages pets can drink these days… why is this?

CC: “FulHum” is a brand of EarthWater and made from 100% natural minerals and purified water with ZERO Sugars, Calories, Carbohydrates or Chemicals. FulHum origins come from “Fulvic and Humic” natural minerals that represent the DNA in our food groups, and is the main component of a 100% natural, high alkaline mineral-enriched beverage. The proprietary FulHum formula is different from other mineral beverages because it could detoxify free radicals, eliminate harmful pathogens, and improve nutrient absorption all while delivering essential minerals that are limited in daily diets.

AW: Do you think pets like the black color of your beverage better than the clear regular color of water?

CC: Dogs and cats may not be legally declared color blind but their sense of “smell” helps them navigate food and beverage and distinguish “clear from black”. However the key is the taste and our family dogs and many others have had no hesitation drinking FulHum as it is natural and has NO chemicals or sugars.

fulhum black water

AW: Tell us how you came up with the name “FulHum”?

CC: FulHum was on a long list of names we used with Focus Groups to try and describe something that was created by Mother Nature (millions of years ago) and since the reference to the mineral deposit that contained up to 70 essential trace minerals was Fulvic & Humic compounds – we simply added the two words and created one called “FulHum”.

AW: What types of pets have you seen drinking FulHum? Any pets that shouldn’t drink it? 

CC: Our family pets were the first to drink FulHum. And while our drinks main demographic are humans and not directly the pet industry, the composition is 100% natural and there appears to be no side effects – so we do not feel any pet should not drink it – but then again – if your pet has various medical concerns or other issues, always consult your vet.

AW: What is the daily dosage you would recommend pet owners give FulHum to their loved ones?

CC: We pour FulHum into the water bowls of both our pets (dogs). Since it is like drinking normal water, there is no dosage required. In fact, the more our pets drink the better they should feel due to the unique nature and properties of what Fulvic & Humic compounds offer the human body, can offer pets as well.

AW: What has been your biggest challenge so far as a beverage creator?

CC: Launching a new beverage brand in a crowded space called “water” has been a challenge because we are NOT a water. We are a functional beverage with rich natural minerals and a natural +9ph. The education is the first key and when people notice our products are (a) odorless and (b) taste like water – they ask “why is it black” then we tell them the natural story of minerals from the Earth and gain a client.

black water
These two Boxers can’t get enough black water!

AW: Why do you personally feel it is important for people to buy organic products for their pets?

CC: Natural and Organic (non GMO) products should be what most ALL people that llove their animals should offer. Unfortunately natural/organic products do come with a premium price for humans or pets, so people need to learn and read the ingredients and also ask WHERE is the product made in order to ensure they are acquiring the best food source within their budget for their pets.

AW: If you could come back in your next life as one animal, what would it be and why?

CC: A BOXER!! Every person we come across of any age – always gravitates and wants to pet a Boxer. They are an incredibly loveable animal, very loyal, good spirit, great with kids and family and very smart. The breed has an amazing history and though they are part of the “Working Group” we think they should be part of the “Lounging Group” which would suit me just fine — if I was to return as a BOXER!

AW: Anything else animal-related you wish to add?

CC: Give to the SPCA and help support your local animal charity. My wife is the chairperson of the Dallas TX 2016 Fur Ball – http://www.furballdallas.com – put on by the Texas SPCA. My wife has spent the last ten years helping animal charities, and working as a non-paid volunteer to promote animal awareness. Everyone should always help animals whenever possible!