Canine Light Therapy
Image courtesy of Canine Light Therapy.

After seeing firsthand how light therapy can heal animals, this couple launched their own company making light therapy pads for dogs and horses.  

Light therapy helps the body heal itself, and has been in use for years in both people and animals. It induces healing at a cellular level, and has proven beneficial for wounds, spinal injuries, and other ailments.

“The lights emit photons that are absorbed by a photo acceptor within the mitochondria of the cell,” says Christina Reguli, who along with her partner Dennis, own and operate According to “Gospel” Canine Light Therapy. “There are no adverse side effects as there are with drugs, no pain-like shockwaves, and no injection risks.”

Christina and Dennis discovered the amazing healing powers of this therapy back in 1999 when their horse, Gospel, developed severe laminitis. “We exhausted every traditional option and began to investigate light therapy,” Christina says. “There wasn’t much available at the time, however, and what was out there was expensive. So Dennis, being an engineer, made a light therapy pad for Gospel. It helped dramatically.”

The Regulis were so inspired by the results that they launched their own business in 2004, making light therapy pads for both dogs and horses. “Light therapy is a wonderful way to help animals heal faster with no negative side effects,” says Christina. “The pads are non-invasive and cannot harm tissue.”

Extensive research has proven the effectiveness of light therapy, but while the benefits are clear, the science behind the phenomenon is a bit more complicated. “Our light therapy pads are flexible neoprene pads housing LEDs that produce intense photonic (light) energy at specific therapeutic wavelengths,” explains Christina. “We use two different wavelengths — a visible red wavelength, and a longer wavelength in the near infrared range.” The visible red light (660 nanometers) penetrates the skin and is best for treating wounds and infections and stimulating acupuncture points. Infrared light (880 nanometers) cannot be seen by the human eye, but reaches much deeper to heal tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscle.

With four cats and one dog of their own – all rescues – Christina and Dennis make every effort to provide support and discounts to rescue organizations. “We have been involved with a number of organizations such as Almost Home Animal Rescue for large breed dogs,” says Christina. “Many times, rescues bring in animals with a wide variety of issues, and our light therapy pads can help.”

While the science of light therapy may be complex, the rewards couldn’t be simpler. “Our animals are family, and nothing is more wonderful than learning our products made a difference to them,” says Christina. “We love it when someone says our light therapy pad eased a pain, healed a wound that wouldn’t heal before, or improved the quality of life for a senior dog. Clients have even shared stories of our light therapy pads saving an animal’s life when all other treatments failed. Those are the things that keep us going!”