Canine messages spread joy across the nation

Know someone impacted by the pandemic? You can nominate them to receive a letter or videogram from a canine pal!

Last year, the American Kennel Club (AKC) launched a program called AKC PupPals, which provides kids with uplifting messages from canine friends. The dogs are enrolled by guardians across the country, who submit videos of their canines to share with the program.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the organization has expanded PupPals to cater to anyone in need of some cheer – seniors in nursing homes, working parents, and anyone else suffering during the lockdown.

Until the end of this year, nominated individuals will receive a letter or videogram from one of the dogs enrolled in the program.  “Dogs provide us immense comfort, and in times like these, we are happy to help those who could use an uplifting message from a canine friend,” says Brandi Hunter, VP of PR and Communications. “The support and submissions we have received are wonderful and we get great feedback from recipients.”

To nominate someone to receive a message, or to enroll your own dog in the program, visit


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