dog chakras

Chakras helps keep your dog’s body life force energy flowing, but can become imbalanced or blocked, resulting in health or behavioural issues.

Does your golden retriever have less pep in her step? Is your Yorkie barking more than usual? Perhaps it’s her chakras! First of all, have her checked over by your veterinarian for any medical issues. If she receives a clean bill of health, the next thing I recommend is to look for issues in her energy field. You may not be able to see this field, but it can often be the source of – and solution to – unusual physical, emotional and behavioral issues in your canine companion.

Chakras are a main component of the energy field. They are spinning vortices of energy (or energy centers) located within the body and emanating outwards. They are the vehicle through which your dog absorbs and assimilates vital life force energy. This energy is then filtered throughout the chakra system. When there are imbalances or blockages in the chakras, it can inhibit assimilation, resulting in physical, emotional or behavioral symptoms.

Diagnosing chakra imbalances

While I recommend you consult a professional for this, you can also learn to do it yourself.

Intuition: If you’re intuitive, you can tune in to the energy field of your dog and determine which chakras are out of balance, or contain blockages.

Surrogate muscle testing: If you are skilled at muscle testing (applied kinesiology), you can test your dog’s chakras using a surrogate, or by self-testing. Using one of your dog’s muscles isn’t an option.

Dowsing: If you’re an adept dowser, you can assess your dog’s chakras using a pendulum, either right above the body, or on a chakra chart. Be sure to specifiacally ask for the “energy of the chakra”, since dowsing can measure a myriad of different energies.

Sensing energy with your hands: Another way to determine chakra blockages or imbalances is through your hands. This requires a keen sensitivity to energy which I believe can be developed by anyone, with practice. Once adept, simply hold your hand over each individual chakra to determine any imbalance or blockage.

Tools for chakra healing

There are a number of ways to clear chakra imbalances. Hands-on healing is done by placing the hands on the chakra and healing it, using one or more of the tools listed on the next page. Distance healing can be done anywhere from a few feet to a few continents away from the dog, again using one or more of the tools listed on the next page.

ChakrasIntention: This is the most powerful healing tool you have, and all you really need in order to heal. I create an intention with an accompanying positive statement.

Radionics: This method involves sending particular frequencies to the dog to promote healing. It can be done with a radionics machine, or through your own energy field (with training). This is another powerful healing tool.

Visualization: Visualize the chakra coming into perfect balance with all blockages being released. Color: Picture the chakra’s color (see sidebar) overlying the dog’s chakra and clearing out all imbalances and blockages.

Crystals: Each chakra is associated with a number of resonant crystals that can be used to heal it. For example, amethyst resonates with and can be used to heal the crown chakra.

Pendulum: You can use a pendulum to both determine a chakra imbalance or blockage – and bring it back into balance. Simply hold it over the chakra, manually make it swing in a clockwise direction, and continue to do so until you feel the chakra is balanced.

Spirit animals: This is a more shamanic approach. Each chakra has a related spirit animal; you can call in the spirit of that animal to heal the chakra.

Stimulation: Weak chakras can be stimulated by various activities such as exercise, bathing or massage, depending on the chakra.

In-depth chakra healing involves more than we can cover in this article, but these suggestions will help get you started. With further learning and practice, you can become adept at assessing, clearing and balancing your dog’s chakras. It’s another valuable tool for keeping her healthy and happy.