Chantal Kreviazuk

Recent Order of Canada recipient Chantal Kreviazuk is an iconic name in the music industry having countless hits of her own (I Will Be, Leaving on a Jetplane, In This Life, Feels Like Home) and writing number one songs for artists such as Kelly Clarkson (Walk Away), Drake (Over my Dead Body), Gwen Stefani (Rich Girl) and Pit Bull & Christina Aguilera (Feel this Moment). But what you may not know about the famed Canadian artist is that she is a huge animal lover, and the human mother to two outstanding dogs that have quite a following on her Instagram page whenever photos are put up.

Being a mother seems to come easily to Chantal, as she has her own three human children as well with husband Raine Maida (lead singer of Our Lady Peace), and so we here at Animal Wellness Magazine just had to sit down and speak more with her at her Californian home about her love of dogs, and how that helps her incredible career…

AW: Tell us about your dogs.

CK: Our dogs are small Münsterländers. They look Setter-like, but there’s no Setter in the breed. They are a Pointer/Retriever/Springer Spaniel mix and we specifically chose them due to my husband’s asthma. Chanti is nearing 16 years of age. This is an almost unheard of age – usually in Germany where they originated, they live to about 12, but the hunting life and conditions there are different than the Santa Monica mountains! Mila is 8 this year but seems maybe 3.

AW: Why do you think its important for people to own pets?

CK: Pets aid in our development in many areas… Responsibility, compassion, humor, family and connection.

AW: Did you have pets growing up?

CK: There were so many dogs in my world as a child. I always loved the big dogs at the farm and my aunt and uncle’s Shepard, Quinn, and I had a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix growing up.

AW: Besides your dogs, what kind of animals do you love most?

CK: I love most every creature except maggots. Sorry, guys! I am obsessed with deer and polar bears, dolphins, beluga whales and elephants.

AW: Do you ever find that owning a dog helps with your career and focus?

CK: I love my dogs for so many reasons. Their love and loyalty and consistency… I always know who they are going to be – that’s the perfect person isn’t it? Mila surprises us with things like walking up the last two stairs backwards. Lots of LOLs with that one. I am in the trails with my dogs all the time and that is a giant piece of who I am, which brings me my sanity and zen to prepare for my work and being a good mother to our three boys.

AW: What is your favorite thing to do with your dogs?

CK: I love all time I spend with the ladies, hiking, going down to the water; I took Chanti, my old gal, to the store with me on the weekend and I swear we cuddled at every light. I think the scratching behind the ears and loving on Chanti and obsessing over her now at this ripe age is my fave.

AW: What do you think is important for others looking at owning a dog to know beforehand?

CK: I would swear that dogs are another child in our house. Maybe I am crazy but they are properly loved and cared for I can honestly say and to do so requires time/energy and money. So do not think you are getting a pet and it will be nice and give you all sorts of stuff – it is you who does the giving, though yes the rewards run deep!

AW: Why did you choose to have dogs over cats?

CK: I am a dog girl, always was, though I love cats. Turns out I am quite allergic and my husband is even more so.

AW: If you could come back in your next life as one animal, what would it be?

CK: My dog, Chanti!

For more on Chantal visit her online at: or follow Chantal on Instagram at @chantalkrev to see more adorable photos of her dogs!