Chase no face

Often times, people see injured cats and dogs and automatically think nothing can be done for them. This could have been the case with Chase, but she has been able to live a happy, healthy life despite the unfortunate injuries she suffered as a kitten.

Chase is but one example of the many animals who overcome all odds. Check out our interview to learn how Chase excels at being a normal cat!

AW: When did you get Chase?

She just celebrated her ninth birthday this May. I was working at a vet clinic when a man brought in an injured kitten that he has found under a parked car on the side of the road. He did not want to keep her and she was most likely a stray cat, so he asked if he could offer a sizable donation to help towards her care and we could do our best to take care of her. That was in June 2005.

AW: What happened following the accident?

We could see that her face had been damaged and was “squished” and her back leg was broken so we began treatment. She ended up needing her back leg amputated and over the course of a few months the tissue on her face sloughed off, leaving her as she is presently viewed. She did make a road trip from KY to the University of Tenn Vet Hospital for two attempted skin grafts on her face. Both were unsuccessful and nothing was available to do about her lack of eyelids.

AW: What lessons have you learned from having Chase?

Chase is such an inspiration and in a multitude of ways. She was always a very happy kitten, even when she was first brought into the clinic and was so badly injured. She has a perseverance for life. She doesn’t suffer and I do everything I can to keep her healthy and comfortable in her life. She does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that any other cat would do. She eats cat food, jumps on chairs (perhaps not as high of a chair), runs around the house at 2am meowing, attacks flies, plays with ribbons, grooms herself, sleeps on couches, under tables, on the computer keyboard. The list could go on and on. That’s when you notice she is extraordinary in a wonderful way, because not only does she do everything “any normal cat” would do, but she does so much more. She gives kisses to anyone who walks in her path, she snuggles with any animal that will allow her (used to sleep with sick animals in their crates while she was a ‘vet cat’), she allows her human siblings to dress her up and doesn’t mind, she brightens our lives and our days. She really is such a wonderful, sweet little soul.

She gives us perspective on not only animals but also humans. Perfection and normalcy are in the eye of the beholder. What one person can or can’t do, does or doesn’t have, appears or doesn’t appear, has absolutely nothing to do with their happiness and their ability to succeed in life. Each person creates their own happiness. Chase shows us that even through an unbelievably difficult start, she has brought an insurmountable happiness, love and beauty into our family and hopefully a few other people along the way. We will treasure each day we get to spend with her and love on her as much as we can while she is healthy and happy and well.chase2

AW: What types of therapy or medications does Chase need?

Chase needs eye drops for added moisture and care of her eyes daily. She has had them since she was only a few weeks old and was brought into the clinic and up til now at 9 yrs old. She doesn’t mind and it is just a part of her day. She visits a Veterinary Opthamologist twice a year and as needed for checkups, along with her regular veterinarian. She is very healthy and doesn’t have very many issues with her eyes. She does still have sight but it isn’t as perfect as it was when she was a kitten. She did get diagnosed a few years ago with bladder crystals, and she is now on special food for those. That is the extent to her care.

AW: What is your favorite thing about Chase?

My favorite thing about Chase is probably everything. She’s been around before I had children and now around with the growth of my children. She is sweet, caring and lovable. I love her spirit and warmth and snuggles and cat kisses. Just keep her away from me for a few hours after she eats some canned food. That tuna breath is pretty horrendous.


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