Choosing the right cat enclosure

Considering getting a cat enclosure for your kitty? Here’s how to choose the best one for her!

There are a number of different cat enclosures on the market that allow felines to safely enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. They’re all great options, but depending on what type of residence you live in, it may make sense to install one type of cat enclosure over another. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of the most popular types available so you can make an informed decision!

Window boxes

These small cat enclosures allow apartment-dwelling cats the opportunity to enjoy some of the benefits of the great outdoors! Window boxes allow a single cat to sit outside and bird watch. These sill mounts are generally made from steel frames and include a steel base and cotton bed for ultimate cat relaxation.

Ideal for: Apartments

Pros: Window mounts easily adhere to most windows, and are quite affordable.

Cons: Most cat window mounts are only available in single-player mode and do not allow cats to exercise or play outside.


Catios, also known as catteries, are one of the most popular outdoor pens available for cats. Catios are designed to house multiple cats, making it a better solution for pet owners with several pets including puppies and parakeets. These four-sided units are generally made using wooden frames and galvanized steel, and include flat roofs to keep your animals in, and stray/wild animals out.

Ideal for: Townhouses/Condos

Pros: Most catios include removable back panels for easy access to-and-from windows, doors, decks, porches and gardens. Another appeal of the catio is that it allows cats to jump from level to level, providing extra exercise.

Cons: They’re more expensive than cat windows, and quite a bit of assembly is required!

Cat Fencing

Cat owners often confuse cat fencing with catios, but there are unique differences. For one, cat fencing outlines open space in yards and allows cats to freely roam and explore landscapes. Cat fences are generally made using black colored polypropylene (plastic) and welded wire fence mesh. The mesh is then stabilized with vinyl coated posts that blend with the surroundings so they’re not an eyesore for home owners.

Ideal for: Homes/Farmland

Pros: This option allows cats to run and play freely in the yard, helping to reduce stress, lower the risk of obesity, and improve overall health. It also stimulates their natural instincts, allowing them plenty of room to run, jump, and chase butterflies!

Cons: They don’t have tops, which can put cats more at risk of predators. That said, they’re available in multiple heights, and overhang extenders that block jumping attempts from pets are also available.

Like us, cats enjoy fresh air and sunshine. They need exercise to thrive, and without it can become depressed and suffer from physical health complications including arthritis, high blood pressure and obesity. Cat enclosures help prevent all these issues, and keep cats happy, healthy and safe while outdoors!