Clif Bar & Co donates $1.5 million to rebuild Butte County humane society
Rendering of the new facility, courtesy of Clif Bar & Company.

The CLIF Second Responder Fund is helping people and animals recover from natural disasters, starting with those affected by the Butte County wildfire.

Do you like energy bars and animals? You’ll love this story. Earlier this year, Clif Bar & Company launched the CLIF Second Responder Fund – a commitment dedicated to helping communities recover from natural disasters. Their first order of business was a donation of $1.5 million to Butte County, the community affected by the Camp Fire. This disaster was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire the state has ever seen, affecting 20,000+ animals. Clif’s generous donation will help the community break ground on a new state-of-the-art humane society facility to shelter and care for the four-legged fire victims, as well as serve as an emergency center for Northern California in the event of future disasters.

Upon receiving news of the Camp Fire, the Butte County Humane Society responded immediately. They got to work reuniting residents with their pets, providing thousands of pounds of pet food to people who were displaced, and caring for hundreds of injured animals. Through the experience, the staff learned that a new facility with an expanded mission was needed – enter CLIF. “Clif is a company full of animal lovers,” says Kit Crawford, Co-Owner and Co-CEO of Clif Bar & Company. “Not only are animals amazing companions, they’re family. We are proud to champion this initial effort and know that this fund will be ongoing to address other needs following national disasters around the country.”

For the foreseeable future, one hundred percent of all net profits from the sale of Clif’s Sierra Trail Mix energy bars will go toward establishing the fund. Look for the new Sierra Trail Mix packaging in stores and online this summer!