CocoTherapy offers high-quality coconut oil for dogs and cats

Coconut oil offers many benefits to our animal companions – but not all products are created equal. Here’s how CocoTherapy makes quality a priority.

Coconut oil has become a staple in almost every household. It moisturizes skin, improves digestion, boosts energy and offers other health benefits to humans and their animal companions. But quality is key. Many low-grade coconut oils actually do more harm than good, and most people don’t know the difference. Sisters Charisa Antigua and Carmina O’Connor were taught the difference from a very young age, and their company, CocoTherapy, reflects a wisdom and experience that has been passed down through generations.

Hailing from a third-generation coconut family, Charisa and Carmina have a passion for quality that runs deep. But producing the very best therapeutic-grade oil became even more personal for them when Charisa’s one-year-old Yorkie, Violet, was diagnosed with severe allergies. The pup was already on a raw diet, but it was clear she needed additional support. Charisa gave her coconut oil made in their family-owned facility, and in time, she was able to wean Violet off the prednisone she was taking.

After witnessing Violet’s recovery, Charisa and Carmina began researching other ways that coconut oil could help animals. They soon realized that the benefits were numerous, but the availability of therapeutic-grade coconut oil was severely lacking. So in 2009, they launched their own product that checked all the boxes — low moisture content, high medium-chain triglycerides, and optimal lauric acid levels. All these factors, combined with the company’s strict manufacturing process, has made CocoTherapy one of the most respected coconut oils on the market today.

Unlike many manufacturers who work with private-label companies and independent farmers, CocoTherapy grows and harvests their coconuts in their own USDA-certified organic coconut plantation. This enables them to ensure quality from start to finish, and guarantee consistency from batch to batch. Their coconuts are harvested at exactly 12 months old – the optimum time, according to Charisa – and are opened and used between four to eight hours after harvesting to preserve freshness. The coconuts are then cold-pressed by hand – a step that preserves the oil’s natural flavors and nutritional quality.

Coconut oil can be fed to pets to improve metabolic function and brain health, enhance immunity, and boost digestive health. It can also be applied topically to treat skin problems, fight infection, and repel ticks and fleas. But again, quality is crucial. “It is very difficult to tell just by labels alone whether or not the coconut oil is high quality,” says Charisa, who along with her sister is dedicated to educating consumers. It’s why they’ve made their company so transparent, and why they put so much time and effort into making the best oil possible. “For three generations, our family’s legacy has been to produce the highest quality coconut oil. It’s our responsibility to maintain the same standard of quality for our customers and the animals we love.”