Say goodbye to worrying about losing your best fur friend! Dogily’s luxury leather collars are stylish and fun, and they also have a special spot for an AirTag to keep an eye on your pup’s whereabouts.

One of the worst things that most dog parents can imagine is having their fur baby go missing. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Dogs slip their collars, run off chasing squirrels, escape backyards, hop out windows, duck out through doors, and find other ways to go off on solo adventures.

It used to be that people had to rely on posters, word of mouth, and the kindness of strangers to help locate a missing dog. But these days, savvy pet parents are using technology like AirTags paired with chic collars to pinpoint free-spirited pups on the loose.

Using AirTags to Locate Dogs At Large

AirTags are tracking devices from Apple. While initially designed to help people find items like wallets and keys, pet parents have discovered these tiny devices can bring peace of mind to escape artist guardians.

AirTags send out Bluetooth signals that ping off nearby Apple devices. Should your pup go missing while sporting an AirTag, you can use the Find My app to locate them both!

But that still leaves one question unanswered: what’s the best way to secure the AirTag to your beloved four-legged friend?

A Dog Collar That’s Swanky and Serviceable!

Dogily is a high-end canine fashion brand, and they make a leather dog collar that combines lots of things that people want for their pups: style, luxury, comfort, quality, and functionality. The collars are soft, sleek, and made from 100% high-quality leather.

They also have a solid gold latch, making it a breeze to put the collar on and take it off. But the thing that pet parents love most is the built-in pocket for an AirTag. Any pup guardian can tell you how often pet tags come loose and get lost. But the last thing you want is for a device that’s supposed to be tracking your fur baby to fall off their collar.

Thanks to the special slot on the Dogily collar, you’ll never have to worry about that. The AirTag fits snugly in the pocket, so you’ll always be able to track your pup’s location if they happen to wander out of your sight.

Leather collars from Dogily are more than just canine haute couture. They take away the worry of losing your four-legged bestie so that you can simply enjoy the time you spend with your pup.

Visit Dogily today to get your paws on a luxury leather collar. And don’t forget to accessorize it with a Best Friend Set pet tag with a matching pendant for mom!


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