Top tips for taking your dog to an Airbnb

If you like to travel with your dog, seeking accommodation at a pet-friendly Airbnb couldn’t be simpler! Keep these tips in mind during the planning process.

As the notion of traveling with your dog raises excitement and curiosity, consider staying at a pet-friendly Airbnb to further your travel experience. The popularity of Airbnb is continuing to climb, and most participating hosts list whether they allow dogs. If you’re planning to give Airbnb a try, keep the following tips in mind for a smooth, stress-free experience with your pet!

What to look for in a dog-friendly Airbnb

Here’s a summary of what to consider when selecting your Airbnb destination:

The type of dwelling – Do you prefer a home with a yard, a trailer in the middle of nowhere, a separate guest room with access to the main house, or a camping/cabin-type environment? There are many options to choose from – just be sure to include “pet-friendly” in your search!

Are there other animals on site? – An Airbnb host may have a dog, a cat, free-ranging chickens, or other animals loose on their property. If your dog is comfortable with other animals in their vicinity and you’ve cleared it with the property owner, then by all means, include your pup in the mix. If your dog is anti-social, it might be best to seek a destination without other animals.

Determine if the pet fee is part of the overall cleaning fee Your Airbnb host will list all the fees during the checkout process. If the pet fee is separate from the cleaning fee and you’re okay with paying both, proceed to checkout. If not, contact the host in a private message and see if you can reach an agreement.

Is there space for your dog? – Depending on his size, accommodations might be cramped and uncomfortable for your pet. There’s also the matter of whether or not your dog is allowed on the furniture. Check with the host ahead of time to make sure there’s enough room for your pet, and that you’re aware of the house rules.

Preparing for your stay

When staying in an Airbnb with your dog, it’s important to consider all his needs prior to your arrival. After you’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure his comfort and checked out exactly where you plan to stay, make sure you pack accordingly. Dogs are not only social beings – they are creatures of habit. They love the excitement of new smells, yet at the end of the day, they like to be in their own bed with a familiar blanket or toy. Even if your Airbnb provides some dog-friendly essentials (like a bed and food bowls), it’s a wise idea to bring extras just in case.

Of course, it’s also important to ensure that your dog is licensed and up to date on his vaccinations before your depart on your trip. If nothing else, your dog should be well-behaved.

Airbnb is a great option for traveling pet parents, and with the right preparation, your experience will be seamless!