Natural solutions for dog earwax

Does your dog have brown waxy stuff in his ears? It’s probably earwax! Here’s a few natural solutions to this common problem. 

Earwax or other debris in the ears is one of the early warning signs that there is an internal imbalance that could lead to a number of other problems later in life. A conventional vet will likely hand you a bottle of drops, which will certainly serve to decrease inflammation in the ears. But even if drops work, the underlying issue has not been resolved. Eventually, the ears will get waxy and brown again. Here’s a few natural solutions:

Improve his diet

Some of my patient’s ear issues completely resolve when their diet is improved. What is best for you to eat — a wide variety of fresh foods or the same canned stew everyday? Your dog will do best on a fresh food diet or, at a minimum, a frozen raw meat diet. If this does not completely heal his ears, you may need to look at toxins in their lives  chemical flea treatments, household chemicals, chemicals in the vaccines, etc. Your most efficient way to permanently resolve the ears is to begin to work with an integrative veterinarian who can coach you through many different approaches to have your hounds live a long healthy life with little to no earwax.

Try these additional approaches

While you are reading more and searching for an integrative veterinarian, try these things to temporarily eliminate the earwax. If the ears don’t improve — or get worse — try one of the others. Each dog may need different treatments.

1. Flush ears with a solution of half vinegar (organic is best) and half water.

2. Put a few drops of sweet almond oil, or olive oil, in the ears.

3. Try a solution of calendula, comfrey, mullein or plantain (from the health food store). Mullein and plantain can be picked from your yard (if free from chemicals).

4. Purchase Rescue Remedy from your local health food store and put 2 drops in any of the treatments listed above.

5. Finally, follow the Four Pillars of Animal Wellness and the recommendations in many of the Animal Wellness articles to build up the health and the immune system so the ears will stay clear and your dogs will live long, healthy lives!


Veterinarian Dr. Christina Chambreau graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980. She is a founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathic Summer School and has been the holistic modality adjunct faculty liaison for the Maryland Veterinary Technician Program. Dr. Chambreau is author of Healthy Animal’s Journal, co-author of the Homeopathic Repertory: A Tutorial, and former Associate Editor of IVC Journal.