Dog-friendly breweries

Looking for something different to do with your dog? How about visiting some dog-friendly breweries? While you sample the suds, your canine companion can enjoy your company and socialize with other pooches.

For dog lovers who enjoy a cold one on a warm afternoon, what could be better than a dog-friendly brewery? Craft breweries across the country have been opening their establishments to dogs. According to Trips with Pets, you can find dog-friendly breweries in every state, from California to Florida. (They’re harder to find in Canada, at least for now, but they do exist.) This is just a taste of where you can go to sample some suds – and bring your dog along!

FLORIDA: “I enjoy the local craft brewery scene in Jacksonville,” says J. R. Duren, a personal finance writer. “My favorite, Aardwolf Brewery, allows dogs in their drinking room. Bringing dogs into a brewery reminds me of the days when everyone in the neighborhood got together for drinks.”

NORTH CAROLINA: Dog-friendly breweries abound in this state. We held six Yappy Hour fundraisers for animal rescues/shelters at dog-friendly breweries here,” says Kim Salerno, founder and president of Trips with Pets. “Each one broke records for attendance and funds raised.”

ILLINOIS: Eileen Garrity works for two brewpubs, DryHop Brewers and Corridor Brewery & Provisions, both in Chicago. “Since we’re a restaurant as well as a brewery, we’re unable to invite dogs inside our spaces,” she says. “But dogs can relax with their owners on our outdoor sidewalk patios, where they can enjoy shady spots and a cool drink of water.”

OHIO: Athens County is a hotspot for dog-friendly breweries, including Devil’s Kettle Brewing; Eclipse Company Store and Beer Hall; Jacki O’s Taproom and Production Brewery; Little Fish Brewing Company; and Multiple Brewing.

MINNESOTA: In Minneapolis, a variance was passed that permits leashed dogs inside breweries. “Breweries are not permitted to serve food if they allow dogs, but food trucks can be present, and patrons can carry in food from elsewhere,” says Ali Jacobs, founder and CEO of Sidewalk Dog Media. “We offer a reasonably-priced Indoor Brewery Pass for a free beer from each of ten local brew houses, and you can bring your dog. A portion of the proceeds goes to Can Do Canines, an organization providing assistance dogs at no charge to those with hearing, seizure, diabetes, autism, or mobility challenges.”

TEXAS: The small neighborhood of Pearl in Austin is home to Southerleigh Brewery, where guests can enjoy one of 20 beers on tap while spending time with their dogs. Chef and owner, Jeff Balfour, and his two adopted pit bulls, are strong animal shelter supporters, and hold adoption events on the patio.

CALIFORNIA: Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles is just one of many west coast breweries where you can enjoy a cold craft beer in the company of your canine.

ONTARIO: Toronto is one Canadian city that boasts several dog-friendly breweries, including the Henderson Brewing Co. and the Left Field Brewery.

“Dogs bring people together,” Kim says. “For example, women who might be uncomfortable going to a brewery alone are willing to go with their dogs. Conversation is easy when someone is guessing your dog’s breed, size or where you adopted him!”

Find a dog-friendly brewery near you

Trips with Pets provide a list of dog-friendly breweries at

Dogs on Tap offers a database of canine-friendly craft breweries at

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12 tips for the best brewery experience

  1. Some breweries only allow dogs on outdoor patios, while others invite them inside – it depends on local laws and/or whether or not the brewery offers food as well as beer.
  2. Be aware that brewery laws and policies can change at any time, so check ahead to ensure any establishment you’re visiting is still dog-friendly.
  3. Know that beer is toxic for dogs, so make absolutely sure he doesn’t drink any!
  4. A shady spot is a must on hot outdoor patios. Your dog is lower to the ground than you are; radiant heat reflects up on his underside so he feels the heat long before you do.
  5. Make sure your dog has fresh water. Many breweries offer water for canine customers, but don’t let your dog drink from a communal bowl. Bring his own. If you wish, you can also bring water from home for him.
  6. Salty pretzels and peanuts are commonly served with beer but aren’t good for your dog, so bring a few small treats along.
  7. Poop bags are an absolute must. You know what to do. Paper towels for wet accidents and disinfecting wipes are also important.
  8. Ensure your dog enjoys socializing before taking him to a brewery. Some dogs thrive on stimulation, but others are happier in quiet environments away from other dogs, people and noise.
  9. Pay attention to your dog. It’s easy to get caught up in a conversation and not notice that he’s getting bored or tired, or is in urgent need of a potty break. Good manners from both of you will keep the welcome mat out for future visits.
  10. “Servers are not allowed to touch the dogs due to health regulations,” says Birgit Walker, author of Keep Your Paws on the Road. “Dogs also shouldn’t bark, whine or disrupt business.”
  11. Keep your dog on a short leash. A four-foot lead will keep him close by your side, where he won’t get stepped on, rushed by another dog, tripped over by a server — or lap up any spilled beer!
  12. If you’re travelling any distance after your brewery visit (even just across town), make sure you have a designated driver for yourself and your dog.


Sandra Murphy lives in St Louis, Missouri. When she's not writing, she works as a pet sitter.