Healing and balancing your dog’s chakras

Enhance your dog’s well-being with this subtle but effective healing modality.

The chakra system plays a key role in the overall health and well-being of your dog. Learning about, working with and balancing his chakras can bring positive change to his state of wellness, physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is a chakra?

Chakras are an integral part of a dog’s energy field. They are spinning energy portals or vortexes situated in various locations throughout the body, and are vehicles for the successful assimilation of vital life force energy.

Life force energy filters in through a dog’s chakras and then travels, by means of meridians (another component of the body’s energy field) into the endocrine system. It funnels out from there to reach every cell and fiber of dog’s being.

When blockages and imbalances occur in a dog’s chakras, this assimilation process is inhibited, resulting in the manifestation of physical, emotional, mental or behavioral symptoms.

Chakra healing is a wonderful complement to veterinary care. Never delay veterinary care by trying to heal your dog yourself.

A dog’s nine major chakras

Humans have seven major chakras, but our canine companions have nine (see chart below). Among the latter is the Sensing Chakra, which enables your dog to see, hear, sense and smell much better than you do. The other is the Brachial Chakra, a major player in the human/animal bond and a main energy center that links directly to all other chakras; it’s often used as a gateway to the dog’s entire chakra system.

It’s worthwhile to note that there are also 13 minor chakras; they are sub-chakras of the nine detailed in the chart, and are frequently called upon in more detailed chakra healing and balancing sessions.

Preparing to work with your dog’s chakra’s

For the best results, first bring yourself into a “healing state”. This means obtaining a quiet mind and a peaceful, grounded and centered feeling. This can be done by meditating, or by any other form of healing preparation that allows you to relax deeply and focus. 


Sensing his chakras

Once you’ve achieved this state, use the diagram below to locate each of the chakras on your dog’s body. Then, using your hand or fingertips, depending on your preference or the size of the dog, start about 4” to 6” above the body in the area of each chakra, and gradually and gently determine what you feel, one by one, as you slowly lower your hand to meet your dog’s body at the chakra point.

It’s okay to hold your hand right on his body and continue feeling and sensing, as long as your dog is not in any way irritated or agitated. Some highly-sensitive dogs may find this to be too much pressure, energetically speaking, even if you’re barely touching them, so be sure to honor this. Some people may feel tingling, heat or another sensation, even if it’s very subtle, while others may have to work at it and practice over time to sensitize themselves to this subtle energy.

Determining which chakra is out of balance

Using the exercise above, you may be able to feel a subtle difference in your dog’s chakras. Some will feel like they are in perfect balance while others may feel out of balance. Again, this may take some practice to determine. If you happen to know muscle testing or dowsing, you can use either to determine or confirm which chakras need balancing. You can also just ask to be shown or told which chakras need work. The latter requires trust in your psychic/intuitive abilities.

If none of these options seem feasible to you, you can simply use the information provided in the chart to work on the chakra most relevant to your dog’s symptoms, behaviors or conditions.

Balancing the chakras

You can bring your dog’s chakras into balance, one by one, by simply using a strong intention to do so, while holding your hand over each chakra you are intending to balance. Then wait until it happens and you feel it is complete. Becoming proficient at this can take lots of trust and a big leap of faith.

Another way to do this simply is by using the healing statement from my own modality, as follows:

“I send violet light to [dog’s name] crown chakra and ask that it come into perfect balance, spinning in an appropriate fashion, with any imbalances, blockages or non-beneficial energies being released to the spiritual. And so it is.”

In this example, I used the corresponding color (violet) for the particular chakra I was balancing. If you use this process for each chakra you intend to balance, use the corresponding color of the chakra.

You can also heal chakras using crystals, color light therapy and many other healing modalities.

The more you work with your dog’s chakras, the more you’ll be able to feel their energy and know when something’s out of balance and needing attention.


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