These striking border collies are the best of buddies, and thanks to their photographer “mom”, their portraits of unconditional love have made them social media favorites.

Border collies are world-renowned herders. But Envy and Zain, two of the breed’s sweetest social media personalities, are world-renowned huggers! Playful, quirky and enchanting, these two famous dogs share the most inseparable of friendships, and can often be seen embracing in their photos.
Adopted from two different rescues by photographer Kelly Bove, the beautiful border collies come from very different backgrounds. “I drove down to Nashville, Tennessee on New Year’s Day in 2010 to adopt Envy,” says Kelly. “She had been through three different homes before I adopted her. She was fearful of a lot of things and had no idea what toys were – she actually ran away from a squeaky ball the first time I squeezed it. Fast forward almost seven years and she’s the most toy-obsessed dog I know.”

Zain, on the other hand, has never been timid. “We adopted him in March of 2014 from Glen Highland Farm, a border collie rescue in New York. We originally took him on as a foster, and after meeting him I almost didn’t want him. He was a wild boy, but he had so much potential. After having him for a few weeks we knew there was no way he could go live anywhere else – he was home!”

Despite their differing personalities, Envy and Zain soon formed a strong friendship. Given their special bond, in fact, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time they didn’t live together. “They hit it off almost instantly, playing all the time,” says Kelly, adding that they also like to hug each other. “It’s amazing how close they have become.” From daily walks in the park to holiday celebrations, the lucky duo experiences everything side by side – and they share those experiences with the whole world via social media.

Kelly started an Instagram account to promote her photography, but it wasn’t long before Envy and Zain became the stars. “As a dog lover, I mostly posted pictures of them,” she says. The photos feature the happy collies in a variety of poses and settings, hugging each other, wearing costumes, playing outdoors or just relaxing together. “They quickly took over the account when they started getting featured by many other larger accounts.”

Now internet sensations – Envy and Zain have nearly a quarter of a million followers on Instagram and several thousand on Facebook – it seems the perfect pair found the perfect person to showcase their adorable connection. Kelly’s stunning images flawlessly capture every nuance of their friendship, so it’s really no surprise Envy and Zain went viral. “I’ve always known there was something special about them, but I didn’t realize so many people would agree with me,” says Kelly. “I’m always amazed at how many people love to follow along with their adventures through our pictures and videos. I’m so thrilled my dogs can bring happiness to people all over the world.”
As Envy and Zain’s adorable poses continue to spread positivity through the world of social media, Kelly is delighting fans even more with a new calendar that further showcases her photographic talents. “Many people have been requesting an Envy and Zain calendar, so I decided it would be a great way to raise money for our favorite rescue, Glen Highland Farm.” Aside from making donations, Kelly also helps transport dogs in need to the organization. “They do amazing work with each and every border collie that comes through, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Envy and Zain have come a long way from their humble beginnings. “Over the past year, they have worked with lots of different brands, been featured on ABC News in Los Angeles, have been in a Google commercial, and are also members of the Wayfair Pet Squad,” Kelly says. Despite all the work they’re doing, they still manage to find time to pose for the camera, giving their followers a daily dose of their special charm.

Envy and Zain’s kind eyes, happy smiles and fondness for hugging embody true love. Their unique friendship also shows us that unconditional affection comes in all shapes and sizes. Aside from each other, the furry friends also love toys, their all-natural grain free treats – and, of course, the camera! In turn, Kelly adores absolutely everything about them. “They really are two incredible dogs. Envy is a serious girl who likes hoarding toys. Zain is the goofiest, most wiggly and cuddly dog you will ever meet. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them.”

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